Identification and Verification of Legal Person’s Identity

For the commencement or the continuation of a business relationship with our business customers-legal entities, the presentation of confirmatory documents verifying and validating their identity, as provided for by the current legislative and institutional framework, is required.

This procedure can take place easily, quickly and securely through Internet Banking for businesses. In the “Services” menu, if you select “Legalization”, you can see which documents you need to submit pursuant to the legal form of your company, attach documents digitally or submit supplementary legalization documents. Upon the completion of your application, you can monitor its progress online.
Submit your application to start a cooperation with us or to renew/modify the legalization of your company’s or your organization’s representatives, simply and easily through Internet Banking for businesses.

You can receive detailed information regarding the documents you are required to submit, pursuant to the form of the legal entity you represent, here.
The submission of the required confirmatory documents is a regulatory requirement, and it applies to all of our customers.

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