Make your purchases in a new way and pay in 4 installments, easily, quickly, and securely with your virtual card.

With the Flexy card, you can:

  • Make purchases over €50 and pay in 4 equal installments
  • Complete your online purchases securely
  • Participate in the Go For More rewards program
  • Make purchases in POS through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Xiaomi Pay & Garmin Pay.
  • Get real-time updates on all your transactions
  • Build your tax-free allowance
Virtual credit card - Flexy

In brief:

  • Virtual credit card
  • Pay for purchases in 4 equal installments for amounts above €50
  • Secure online shopping
  • Go For More rewards program
Discover a New, Flexible Way to Pay

Get Your Flexy Card Online in a Few Steps:

User Login
If you're a registered user of the Bank's Digital Banking services, start by logging in to your account. From the homepage, navigate to the "Cards" section. Select the credit card you wish to apply for and click "Get a new card".
Choose Credit Limit
Next, specify the credit limit for the card you intend to apply for.
Verify Your Details
You’ll then need to confirm your employment details, residential address, identity information, and tax records. This often involves uploading your most recent tax statement for verification.
Select Payment Method
Choose how you’d like to manage payments for your card, such as setting up a direct debit, or opting for partial or full repayment. You’ll also need to provide some additional personal information.
Review and Accept Application
Review the details of your application. Once you’re satisfied, accept the terms and conditions, as well as the pre-contractual information provided for the product.
Enter OTP
To finalize your application, enter the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered device.
Complete the Process
After completing the steps, you can print all the relevant documents for your records.
Confirm Acceptance
If your application is approved, confirm your acceptance of the terms of use and any additional agreements through another OTP verification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please read the following pre-contract and contract forms for more information about the Flexy card. 

Pre-contract Information and Terms of Use
You can easily and quickly acquire the Flexy card by submitting your application online through Digital Banking. 
Your card will not incur any interest. Each installment transaction will be charged a commission fee based on the transaction amount.
The credit limit for the Flexy Card can range from €100 to €500.
Automatic conversion to 4 installments is only for purchase amounts greater than €50.
Go For More

Go For More: earn points, earn euros!

Transactions with your credit card, payment of your bills, insurance of your vehicle, consistent repayment of your loan installments, purchases at the partner businesses with your debit or prepaid card, and much more. These are all ways in which you earn points and redeem them in more than 7,500 partner businesses throughout Greece. This way you pay less or not at all!
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More digital capabilities for you

Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

The NBG Mobile app gives you a host of benefits, from bill payments and shopping to transactions and managing your housing loan. Download the app to your iPhone or Android and simplify your transactions.
Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

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