Identification and Verification of Natural Person’s Identity

In order to start our business relationship with each customer, we must receive all the required data and information that adequately confirm their identity and their financial/transaction profile, which must be updated in the event of change, as well as at regular intervals throughout the duration of said business relationship.

The details required for the validation of the identity of natural persons, as well as the confirmatory documents for their verification are, indicatively, the following:
Identity Card details

  • Identity Card
  • Valid passport
  • Law enforcement and Armed Forces personnel identity card

Income and VAT Registration Number

  • Income tax slip
  • Certificate of no requirement to submit a tax return (when the income tax slip is not available)

Current home address

  • Recent utility bill 
  • Home lease contract filed to a Tax Office

Phone number

  • Recent telephone bill (fixed or mobile line) 
    (Customer’s phone number can be entered and verified through OTP (One-Time Password)), both for Natural Persons and Sole Proprietorships)

Profession and work address

  • Employer’s certificate
  • Copy of latest salary statement
  • Professional practice commencement certificate
  • Professional Identity Card
  • Social Insurance Institution Receipt
  • Customer Signature Sample
  • Rent contract for business purposes, registered in the competent Tax Authority (DOI)
  • Certification from a Public Social Security Body (Retiree)
  • Certification of Unemployment (OAED)

For more details and information on the customers’ obligation to provide information to credit institutions, you can refer to the special brochure issued by the Hellenic Bank Association  “Have you introduced yourself? If not... ...Do it now”.

The aforementioned data may be updated through egov-KYC service, provided in, without having to provide the relevant documents in printed form.  


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