Accounts - FAQs

Find the answers you need about your accounts.

You can receive information about the documents you have to present at the Bank in order for us to validate your details (home address, contact details, etc.) from the information document “Have you introduced yourself? If not..., do it now”. Additional documents may be required, pursuant to your banking profile.
You can open a new savings, current or eValue account via Digital Banking, irrespective of whether you are an existing or new customer of the bank.
You can find your account’s IBAN through the Digital Banking service, in your account passbooks and in the copies of your account transaction statements. You can also find your account’s IBAN here.
You can open a simple deposit account for a minor, as long as all the legal guardians are present with the required identification documents during the opening of said account. The minor cannot receive a card, make withdrawals or have access to the Digital Banking service (until they come of age).
You can add / remove a co-beneficiary to/from an existing account by visiting any NBG branch, as long as all the interested parties are present.