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If you want to take out health, vehicle, or home insurance, but also if you’re looking for the right plan to protect your family or your property. You have many options, and together we can discover the ones that will meet your needs.

Car and motorcycle insurance

You can enjoy even more safety on the road.
You have many optional coverages 
You have flexible duration options
You participate in the Amicable Settlement System
You get coverage against uninsured vehicles
You pay via standing order

Cards and personal items insurance

If you want insurance for your cards and/or personal items
 Insure your card from your phone or computer 
Compensation for personal effects stolen or lost
Receive coverage for charges and cash withdrawals with the card that was lost or stolen


Choose the right program for you and your needs.
You get free diagnostic tests
You get a free checkup annually
You choose the insurance package that best fits your needs 


If you want to have insurance for your home.
Choose a package with or without deductibles
Add coverage against earthquakes 
Receive free 24-hour technical assistance
Opt for optional home contents insurance
Receive additional discount subject to certain conditions

More digital capabilities for you

Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

The NBG Mobile app gives you a host of benefits, from bill payments and shopping to transactions and managing your housing loan. Download the app to your iPhone or Android and simplify your transactions.
Download the NBG Mobile Banking app
Vehicle Insurance Programs

I want to insure my vehicle

If you want to make your everyday life more carefree, we offer you insurance plans created by Ethniki General Insurance for the full coverage of your vehicle.

I want a home insurance

I want home insurance

If you want to protect your home, as well as to feel safe and at ease in it without any stress or fear.  

Card Security and Personal Items

I want to insure my cards and personal effects

If you are looking for a way to feel secure about your personal effects and at the same time, get the stress of your card getting stolen or lost off your shoulders. 

I want health insurance

I want health insurance

Take care of your health by creating a better future for you and your family.

full cyber protection

Full Insurance Plan [Cyber Protection]

You can now provide insurance protection to you and your family members against cyber and electronic risks.

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