Here at NBG we understand consumers’ needs and the challenges they face due to market conditions, and we make every possible effort in order to best meet them. We've designed a Reward Program for Performing Borrowers, which aimed at reducing current floating interest rates for housing and consumer loans, secured by mortgage prenotation, and at protecting you from potential future increases in reference rates.

As the first 12 months of the Program approaches completion, NBG continues to support reliable borrowers by offering an extension of a further 12 months on loans that are being regularly paid off under the Program, at the reduced interest rate.

Through the Program:

  • you are protected against future increases in reference rates,
  • you enjoy a low fixed loan instalment schedule throughout the Program.

In brief:

  • Reference rate as applicable at 31/03/2023, reduced by 0.20%
  • Fixed instalment and protection against future interest rate increases for 12 months 
  • Automatic extension of the Program for another 12 months on performing loans

Basic features of the Program

Who can join & How

The Program includes all performing holders of floating interest rate housing and consumer loans, secured by mortgage prenotation, including rescheduled loans (regardless of whether they have already joined or will join the Vulnerable Households Interest Rate Subsidy Program) whose loan was disbursed by 31 December 2022 at 1M Euribor, 3M Euribor, ECB base rate, 1M SARON and Consumer Credit Base Rate (CCBR). The said good borrowers/ holders of housing and consumer loans will automatically be included in the Program, without requiring any action on their part.


To remain in the Program and enjoy its extension for a further 12 months, the loan should be paid back regularly and on time.

Interest rate & instalment

For a period of 12 months the Reward Program provides:

1) applicable reference rate, as in force as at 31/03/2023 reduced by 0.20% for loans in Euro,

2) absorption of future increases in reference rates that may occur during the Program.


The following table sets out in detail the reference rates and the prices that apply under the Program:

Reference interest rate Interest rate on  31.03.2023 Reward program interest rate
Loans in Euro
1M Euribor 2,915% 2,715%
3M Euribor 3,038% 2,838%
ECB Rate 3,50% 3,30%

For loans denominated in CHF, the floating reference rate (1M SARON) is capped at 1.20% throughout the Program’s term.

To the said reference rates is added the fixed interest margin provided for under the agreement signed by customers who have joined the Program, plus the levy under Law 128/75.

The Reward Program in detail

By means of NBG's Reward Program for Performing Borrowers, our aim is to contribute to the smooth financial planning of households and to relieve our customers from additional pressures and potential hikes in interest rates. We are actively supporting our customers, consistently and responsibly, with the cost of the Reward Program covered exclusively by National Bank of Greece.

Floating interest rate Housing and Consumer loans, secured by mortgage prenotation, including also rescheduled loans, regardless of the currency, with a reference interest rate of 1M Euribor, 3M Euribor, ECB Rate, 1M SARON and Consumer Credit Base Rate (CCBR), are included in the Reward Program, while housing loans that are paid off at different reference rates (such as loans at administratively defined Mortgage Lending rates or Greek Government Treasury Bills) are not. If the loan is subject to an applicable interest rate cap, the Program’s interest rate cap shall apply only if the Program’s interest rate is more favorable than the applicable rate.

The Program initially lasted 12 months, but it has been automatically extended for another 12 months for loans that will continue to be paid back normally.

Under the Program, holders of floating interest rate loans will be able to enjoy the benefits of a fixed interest rate throughout the period it applies. Customers will be kept up-to-date about the interest rate of the loan and the respective reduced instalment by means of account statements.

If during the Program reference rates fall below the Program interest rates, then the lower rates will apply, for the benefit of the customers.

The loan must be duly paid back by the scheduled instalment deadlines in order for the customer to continue to enjoy the bonus pricing and the fixed instalment.

You can find out more about the terms and conditions of the Program by visiting your local NBG Branch. 


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