Digital Banking Services

Υou have your bank with you wherever you are. You just need access codes. This is Banking Today.
Digital Banking Services

First, let us know if you’re already using any of the following

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First, let us know if you’re already using any of the following

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First, let us know if you’re already using any of the following

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Digital Banking for everything you need

View information regarding your account balance, transactions, cards, loans, etc. Get products that meet all your needs, make your payments, transfer money and manage your cards. With one application, you get a host of benefits.
Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Make your transactions easily from your desktop. Open a new account, acquire your new insurance plan or your new credit card, easily and quickly.

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Download the Mobile app so you can make your transactions easily from your mobile. Open your new account, get a debit card or apply for the loan you want, easily and quickly.

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Go4more Reward Program

Earn rewards every day

Register for our Go For More reward program and earn points for every transaction you carry out with us. Collect points and redeem them using your card in any of the more than 7,500 partner businesses. It’s that simple.

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With one application, you get a host of benefits

Internet banking makes every transaction easier to make and helps you save time. Now you can do all your banking on your desktop, or mobile.


You can save valuable time by making your transactions online.


In just a few steps you can open an account or make an application.

Secure Transactions

To make a transaction, you must enter a unique OTP code.

24 hour access

You have no restrictions. You can make your transactions at any time that suits you, from your screen.

Overall management

You can get an overview of your account, card and loan transactions.


You can count on the reliability and extensive experience of the Greek National Bank.
Register for Internet and Mobile Banking

Register for Digital Banking

You can get your online banking access codes on your desktop, tablet, or mobile quickly, effortlessly, and securely. A simple process will offer you round-the-clock access to the bank and all the advantages of online transactions.

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Approval of transactions using the Fast Login PIN or biometric data

Now, you can approve transactions you carry out via Internet or Mobile Banking, using the Fast Login PIN or biometrics data (such as your fingerprint or FaceID) that you set up through NBG Mobile Banking!

More specifically, by activating this new functionality on your mobile, you will no longer receive and enter OTPs to approve transactions. Post activation:

  • for Digital Banking transactions, you will approve your transaction through a push notification on your mobile phone, either by entering the Fast Login PIN you have specified, or by fingerprint or FaceID.
  • for Mobile Banking transactions, you will directly approve your transaction in the same way.

2,500,000 customers are making all their transactions online. How about you?

Enjoy the ease and convenience of Digital Banking

NBG Mobile Banking App

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Internet Banking

Sign up to manage your transactions, monitor your accounts, and get lots of online features.
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