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Acquire a Prepaid Card Online

Take control of your finances and carry out all your transactions quickly, easily, and safely
Αποκτήστε Προπληρωμένη Κάρτα Online

Prepaid cards for you

Choose the prepaid card that suits you best and get complete control over your purchases.
Prepaid Visa

Prepaid Mastercard

You load your card as much as you want, whenever you want. Apply online to get it via your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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Virtual Prepaid Mastercard,

Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

You can make your purchases at e-shops, safely, with your virtual card. Get it online, from your phone or computer.

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Even more options online

By subscribing, you gain access to products designed to serve your needs.

Open a new account

You can open your new current or savings account easily and quickly from your screen.
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Online Insurance

You can insure your vehicle or your cards and personal belongings at Ethniki General Insurance online and enjoy a more carefree life. It’s so simple.
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Get your credit card online

You can apply for your new credit card via Internet & Mobile Banking, in a few easy steps.
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Earn go4more rewards

You earn points for every transaction you carry out with us. Collect points and redeem them using your card in more than 7.500 partner businesses.
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Apply for a loan online

You can make your application online to get the money you need to cover your immediate needs.
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Update your documents online

You can update your information online via the eGov-KYC service or by uploading the supporting documents. No problem. So simple.
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Next by NBG

Next, the new app for stress-free banking, designed exclusively for young people

Next makes it easy to manage your money, with tips, draws, offers, gifts and smart tools to achieve your financial goals... whatever they are! In finance, you are no longer alone. Next. Money management made chill.
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Our highly trained team is waiting to answer any questions you may have, in person or by phone.