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Third Party Mutual Funds (UCITS)

Invest globally with major international Investment Houses.

You can now pursue all your investment goals by choosing to invest in major mutual funds of the largest and most prestigious investment Houses with vast experience, knowledge of the market, and size of funds managed, covering all investment categories.

Specifically, with Third Party Mutual Funds (UCITS), you get:

  • The best options internationally in terms of investment strategy, thematic choices, expanded placements, risk management. 
  • The option to diversify the investments in your personal portfolio in order to control investment risk.
  • Management by top, experienced, skilled, and internationally recognized managers with multi-year track records in specialized investment management.
  • Easy and simple process of participation, monitoring, and de-investment.


In brief:

  • The option to take part with small sums
  • Competitive pricing

Third Party Mutual Funds (UCITS) in detail

You can choose among many products.

Click here to view a list of Third-party UCITS available by the Bank.

For detailed information regarding Third-party Mutual Funds available through NBG Network visit any of our Branches or the websites of the following Providers associated with the Bank:



Learn more about the MiFID II Framework on Markets in Financial Instruments.

Εasy participation procedure at an NBG Branch.

Just visit any of our branches, and we will inform you about the terms, conditions, and risks of investments. To invest in a product, you need to fill out the relevant application form and open (if you don’t hold already) a demand deposit account with NBG, whose balance should be sufficient to cover the required participation amount.

Transactions in these UCITS can be carried out until 12:00.

We’re always available at the branch of your choice for all your transactions.

You have various options to access all the information you require.

Specifically, you can keep up to date on your investments in the following ways: 

More digital capabilities for you

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Do you want more information?

For information regarding the commissions of Delos mutual funds, please refer to the bank's posted price list.

You can keep up to date on your investments in the following ways: 

  • Visit one of our branches 
  • Get daily press updates on the current value of mutual funds
  • Read the investment updates we send you each quarter to your address or email.
  • Sign up for NBG Internet and Mobile Banking

Learn more about the MiFID II Framework on Markets in Financial Instruments.

Yes, you can sell your MF units, but it will take five working days for clearance until the amount is available in the account of your choice.

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Third-party UCITS

Third-party UCITS

Invest in Third-party UCITS through the NBG network for great flexibility and a wide range of options provided by reputable investment management companies
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What supporting documents do I need?

  • Related forms
    You will need to complete all the relevant forms required under MiFID II, particularly the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and the stock exchange rulebooks and prospectuses.
  • Key customer info forms
    You will need to complete all the forms and questionnaires needed to determine your investment profile and your compatibility with the investment products.

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