You can make your daily life more carefree by insuring your vehicle at NBG, with insurance packages created by Ethniki General Insurance. You benefit from competitive prices and the reliability of a major insurance company. 

Specifically, you can:

  • Choose between the Auto Protect Classic, Auto Protect Extra and  Auto Protect Privileged insurance packages, depending on your needs and priorities.
  • Get the Auto Protect Classic (for private car or moto), Auto Protect Extra (for private cars of value ≤ €25.000) packages from your computer or mobile phone.
  • Select additional coverage packages.
  • Enjoy flexibility in your insurance contract duration.
  • Enjoy the ease of automatic payment via standing order.

In brief:

  • Easy access
  • Great flexibility
  • Competitive prices
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Auto Protect insurance plans in detail

Specifically, you get:
  • Immediate issue of an insurance policy for the Auto Protect Classic and Auto Protect Extra plans for cars of up to €25,000, with the payment of the corresponding premium. However, Ethniki General Insurance reserves the right to carry out an expert report for an inspection of the insured vehicle on a case-by-case basis before or after the issue of the insurance policy.
  • Flexibility in terms of the duration of the insurance cover with choice of quarterly, 4-month, 6-month, or 12-month insurance policy.
  • Ease of payment with automatic payment via standing order upon renewal.
  • Coordinated response in the event of an accident - accident care, local towing services, road assistance (optional coverage).
  • Participation in the Amicable Settlement System - even in the event of third-party liability, compensation is paid by Ethniki General Insurance.
  • Coverage of damage to your vehicle caused by an uninsured vehicle and Legal Protection. 
You can choose the term of duration of your insurance policy depending on your needs and circumstances.

It is helpful to know that the insurance premium of each package depends on several factors, including:

  • Use of the vehicle, for example, whether it's a privately used car or a van, or a motorcycle.
  • Type of engine, engine capacity, and power (KW)
  • The area in which you use your vehicle
  • Number of seats, for cars only
  • Your driving record
  • The age of the driver, particularly if younger than 23 years old
  • Issue date of the driver's driving license, particularly if less than 12 months
  • Presence of trailer
You can choose one of the following insurance plans depending on your needs.



 Civil liability against third parties
 Material damage caused by uninsured vehicles √ 
 Local towing services due to accident (*)
 Accident care
 Legal protection  Optional 
 Insurance against fire   √ 
 Terrorism and malicious fire acts   √ 
 Total and partial theft   √ 
 Car replacement due to total theft   √ 
 Natural phenomena   √ 
 Driver's personal accident  Optional √ 
 Damage caused to your vehicle due to theft    
 Damage caused to your vehicle (under Comprehensive cover)    
 Damage caused to your vehicle due to malicious acts    
 Glass breakage Optional Optional
 Road assistance due to accident or breakdown (*) Optional Optional Optional

* Insurance coverage of motorcycles depends on engine size.

It is useful to know:

  • The packages are not available for vehicles already insured with Ethniki General Insurance or in the event there is an Auto Protect Classic, Auto Protect Extra, or Auto Protect Privileged insurance contract already in force.
  • The insurance does not cover vehicles with temporary (short-term) or foreign license plates and rental vehicles for private use.

This exception includes all forms of vehicle rental (leasing, long-and short-term rental, etc.). Furthermore, all vehicles used for providing transfer services are also excluded.


In the following documents you will find all the information you may need.

In the following documents you will find all the information you may need for acquiring the program via Digital Banking.

The product is addressed to customers who are private car or moto owners and wish to cover the insurance compulsory by law (third party liability of the vehicle) or even choose one or more of the optional coverages offered.

Important notes

The information above is purely informative and does not replace the pre-contractual information provided under current legislation or the insurance contract and its general and specific terms. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information for the specific product is available at NBG's branch network and electronically, in the case of programs available via Internet and/or Mobile Banking.

The insurance plans have been set up by Ethniki General Insurance and are distributed by National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Aiolou, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481. For more information, click here.

The distribution of the insurance plans is only provided by qualified NBG staff certified to provide insurance intermediation services. The Bank is registered with the Special Register of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under Reg. No. 1028 as an insurance agent. The Special Register data are published on the electronic platform "Single Information Point for Active Insurance Intermediaries", where you can verify the registration at the Special Register.

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Do you want more information?

Yes, you can pay your insurance premium for your contract renewal without visiting the bank in any of the following ways:

  • Standing order to NBG: you’ll register a deposit account with us, which will be debited at the time of renewal.
  • Online: though i-bank Internet Banking
  • Over the phone with NBG Phone Banking
  • ATM: at any NBG ATM using the Electronic Payment Code quoted in the premium notice of payment.
No need to worry; you are covered by Accident Care. As soon as the accident happens, contact the 24/7 customer service line of Ethniki General Insurance on +30 210 90 99 999. An Ethniki General Insurance associate will immediately come to the scene, record the accident's circumstances, take photographs, and complete the accident report.
The procedure is easy and fast. After the completion of repair works, send the original invoices to Ethniki General Insurance to finalize the settlement procedure. If repair works are carried out by an auto repair workshop partnered with Ethniki General Insurance, the cost will be paid directly.
For your motorcycle you can only choose Auto protect Classic, because the Auto protect Extra and Auto protect Privileged packages are only available for cars.
You can obtain the Auto protect Classic (for private car - MOTO) and Auto protect Extra (for vehicles up to €25,000) packages through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Also, for the Auto Protect Extra (private car) plan, no pre-insurance check is required as long as the value of the vehicle does not exceed €25,000. However, Ethniki General Insurance reserves the right to carry out an expert report for an inspection of the insured vehicle on a case-by-case basis before or after the policy is issued.

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