Why get a green loan from us?

Favorable loan terms

You choose to protect the environment. We decided to reduce the interest and the loan expenses to support you.

We have the solutions

Whether you want to upgrade your home's energy efficiency or buy a hybrid or electric vehicle, we are here to help you cover your needs.

Financing up to 100%

You can borrow a sum of up to 100% of the expenses to reduce your ecological footprint.

More information about our loans

More information about our loans

Discover the features of the housing loan that best suits your needs, the application process, any additional benefits we offer, and more.

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NBG Housing Loans Guide 

NBG Housing Loans Application Process eLeaflet 




I’m interested in "Exoikonomo"

You can express your interest through the dedicated form, and soon one of our associates will contact you! Alternatively, for more information on the terms and conditions of the program, you can call 210 690 5200 and contact one of our specialized partners.

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