Everything you need to cover your personal items.

If you want to take the stress of losing or being robbed of your cards and your personal items off your shoulders, we have the right plan for you. With the Card Insurance program you are compensated for the bag, the wallet and other items which may be stolen or lost along with your card.

Card and personal effects insurance

You can make your everyday life more carefree by knowing that you will receive compensation in the event that your card and/or the personal items you carry with you get stolen. All this with just €28 per year.
You receive coverage for cash withdrawn with the card.
You receive compensation for a mobile phone or tablet that may get stolen together with your card.
You receive coverage for items you bought with the card in the event of theft or damage.
You receive compensation for the bag, wallet, mobile phone etc. that may be stolen or get lost together with the card. Tell me more.
Card and personal items insurance

Card and personal items insurance

It feels great knowing that your cards and personal items are safe wherever you are. If you have Internet and Mobile Banking credentials, you can insure them quickly and easily online on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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The insurance plan covers all your NBG cards. Exclusions apply for the Business Mastercard and Debit Mastercard for legal entities.
There is a specific and simple procedure for your compensation. The incident must be reported to the Department for the management of card insurance claims and payment protection programs, of the reinsurer who acts in the name and on behalf of A.E.E.G.A. "Ethniki General Insurance", by phone at +30 210 3380850, Monday-Friday 09: 00-17.00. Also, the loss of the card / cards must be reported to the competent department of the bank at +30 210 48 48 484. Finally, it is necessary to submit a report to the Police Authority within 48 hours from the determination of the Damage.

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