Get your very own debit card

Dual Mastercard

Dual card

Make your daily transactions by choosing, each time, the card's debit or credit functionality.

Appropriate for:

  • Flexibility in transactions
  • Security in the markets
  • go4more reward
  • Travel Insurance

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Debit Mastercard

You can shop online or in-person in Greece and abroad quickly, easily, and securely.

Best for:

  • Direct payment from your account
  • Ease in all transactions
  • Secure purchases

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The Cards of Life

Γιώργος Καπουτζίδης

How many life experiences can start with a single card?


Join us through a journey of  unexpected encounters, surprising actions, and spontaneous moments with Giorgos Kapoutzidis as the host of beloved guest! 


Discover the experiences!

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About the VISA debit card

Do you have a VISA debit card? Find all the information you need.

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