You can perform your bond exchange transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange and the Cyprus Stock Exchange online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch.  

Specifically, you can: 

  • Make stock exchange transactions via Digital Banking  
  • Submit stock-option applications to buy shares/bonds introduced at A.S.E. and C.S.E.
  • You apply to participate in public offers for the purchase of bonds listed on the A.S.E. and C.S.E. 

In brief:

  • At the Branch
  • Online  
  • Over the phone 

A.S.E./C.S.E. Bonds in detail

Note that the clearing of transactions in the A.S.E. is done by the clearing system of HELEX, in which NBG participates as a clearing member. NBG receives and gives your brokerage orders for execution at the National Stock Exchange. The stock exchange transactions are cleared by NBG safely and quickly via the indicated deposit account linked to your investment. 

For the A.S.E./C.S.E. Stock purchase transactions, the required amount is held from your bank account and disbursed to fulfill your obligation at the clearing date, which is two business days after the execution of your order.  

Regarding A.S.E./C.S.E. Stock sale transactions, the resulting amount is deposited automatically to your indicated bank account at the clearing date of your transactions, two business days after the execution of your order.

Learn more about the MiFID II Framework on Markets in Financial Instruments.

Specifically, you can access the information through: 

  • A relevant statement sent to your address or email every time a sale or purchase order is executed
  • A visit to  one of our branches
  • Daily press updates on the current bond prices.
  • The quarterly financial statement, which we send you through Internet Banking, by email or at your contact address.
  • Sign up for NBG Digital Banking
At the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.) of HELEX, and an on-demand deposit account at NBG through which your transactions are cleared. Opening them can be carried out at any NBG Branch. 

More digital capabilities for you

Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

The NBG Mobile app gives you a host of benefits, from bill payments and shopping to transactions and managing your housing loan. Download the app to your iPhone or Android and simplify your transactions.
Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

Do you want more information?

According to the price list that is available on our website, transactions that take place at the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchanges incur commission charges.
To perform any stock exchange transactions, you must have an investor shares and securities account at the Dematerialized Securities System (D.S.S.) of HELEX, and an on-demand deposit account at NBG through which your transactions are cleared. For the above, a visit to a shop is sufficient.

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    In order to evaluate your application, we must know more about you. Thus, we need your personal details.
    Learn more
  • Evidence of home address
    A public utility bill or other document evidencing your home address
  • Your latest tax clearance
    You can download the tax clearance of the previous year from Taxisnet
  • Proof of Occupation
    Payslip (for salaried employees of the private sector), evidence of pension payment (for pensioners) or VAT Returns- receipts evidencing provision of services (for freelancers).
  • Telephone bill
    A landline phone bill of any provider.

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