The new Dual. card is an innovative product that offers you the possibility to choose each time to use its debit or credit functionality, granting you, in this way, freedom and flexibility when conducting transactions. Make your day-to-day purchases easily and quickly, while earning substantial privileges, with your new card, which is crafted from recyclable material.

Specifically, you can:

  • Choose between using its debit or credit functionality during transactions according to your needs
  • Automatically participate in the Go For More rewards program
  • Monitor and manage your card online, no matter where you are
  • Benefit from complimentary travel insurance
  • Accumulate your tax-free allowance
Dual Debit Card

In brief:

  • Direct billing to your account  
  • Contactless transactions 
  • Secure online purchases  
  • Go For More rewards 
  • 2.000 Go For More points with the first purchase using the credit functionality

The Dual Mastercard in detail