The new 18-month term deposit is here to meet the investment needs of Individuals & legal entities, ensuring 100% of the principal invested. 


  • You can get the time deposit that best suits your needs through simple, easy and transparent procedures.
  • You're guaranteed a fixed return of 3.00% at maturity.
  • Your money is 100% safe.
  • You get income through the returns you're paid at maturity.

In brief:

  • Time-deposit account in USD
  • Fixed interest rate of 3.00%, minimum initial deposit amount €20,000
  • Term of 18 months with interest at maturity

The 18-month time deposit in USD in detail

Keep your money safe with fixed returns at maturity.

Specifically you can get:


Attractive guaranteed return.

Competitive fixed interest rate.

Fixed interest payment at maturity.

Option to add further beneficiaries without having to close the account or open a new one.

Option to pledge the deposit if taking out a loan or participating in a public offering.

Receipt confirming the deposit issued in your name.

Zero handling fees.

Service at any NBG Branch.

Read the  Agreement and the Precontract Information.


Yes, the New Term Deposit account can be opened with a minimum amount of $20,000.
Yes, you can visit one of our branches and carry out a full or partial early redemption of your time deposit to meet any extraordinary needs.
You can visit one of our branches and open a new time deposit account.
Interest is paid at maturity.

Distinction of NBG Asset Management MFMC at the Annual "Fund Managers' Awards"


We are pleased to inform you that our subsidiary NBG ASSET MANAGEMENT MFMC gained the 2nd Award at the Fund Managers' Awards for being the best management company for all awarded Mutual Funds for the year 2022 and the three-year period 2020 – 2022.

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