You can feel even more secure for you and your family with the Full Health comprehensive hospital care plan, created by Ethniki Insurance and offered by the National Bank of Greece.

Specifically, you can:

  • Choose freely the hospital you want in Greece (contracted or not contracted with Ethniki Insurance)
     and abroad
  • Enjoy a high annual maximum liability limit of €1,500,000
  • Earn significant family insurance premium discounts from Ethniki Insurance
  • Get insured without a pre-insurance check if you are under 55 years old and have no known medical history

In brief:

  • High liability ceiling
  • Flexibility of choice
  • Important family discounts

Full Health in detail

In particular, Full Health offers:

  • High annual liability ceiling of Ethniki Insurance: €1.500.000
  • Significant family premium discounts, offered by Ethniki Insurance, of 20% for the spouse/legal partner, 30% for the 1stο child, 40% for the 2ndο child, 50% for the 3rdο child. From 4ο child and above free of charge.
  • Flexibility, with a choice:
    • the amount of your contribution to hospital costs (€1,500, or €3,000), according to your needs.
    • of the hospitalization class between A or B.
    • the frequency of payment of the premium. The premium can be paid annually or in six-monthly, quarterly, or monthly installments.
  • The option to eliminate or reduce the deductible by 50% depending on the hospital's choice and in accordance with the terms of the plan.
  • Bonus to use another carrier in case of hospitalization and non-use of the plan, in the form of a one-time benefit.
  • Immediate payment of hospitalization costs in case of hospitalization in hospitals contracted with the Ethniki Insurance Company.
  • Free choice of hospital for hospitalization in Greece and abroad.
  • Possibility to be insured without a pre-insurance check-up to the age of 55 when there is no known medical history.

The duration of the program is annual, with automatic renewal.

The premium is paid annually or in semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly installments.

Please not that in case the premium is not paid in a lump sum, charges are foreseen for 6-monthly, 3-monthly, and monthly payments.

In the following documents, you will find all the information you may need.

Important notes:

This entry is purely for information purposes and in no way replaces the pre-contractual information provided by the legislation in force, the insurance contract, and its general and specific terms. The complete pre-contractual and contractual information on the said schemes are available at the National Bank of Greece S.A branches.
The insurance plans were created by Ethniki Insurance and are distributed by the network of branches of the National Bank of Greece S.A., 86, Aiolou Street, 10559, Athens, A.M.E.E.E.A.: 311481, www. nbg. gr. For more information, click here. (refers to the Insurance Ombudsman Form). The insurance plans are made available only by bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries. The Bank is registered in the Special Register of the Athens Professional Chamber of Commerce under number 1028 as an insurance agent. The details of the Special Register are published in the electronic platform "Single Point of Information (P.I.P.)" of Active Insurance Intermediaries, through which you can verify the registration in the Special Register. Website of the E.S.P.

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    Your ID card or passport must be valid.
    Tell me more
  • Copy of E9 Property or ENFIA Declaration Form (optional)
    To speed up the procedure at our branch, you can bring along one of the two said declaration forms.

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Do you want more information?

"Full Health" is a hospital insurance plan that operates through an individual insurance policy and provides the following cover:

  • Coverage of hospitalization costs of an insured person due to illness or accident in any public or private hospital in Greece or abroad.
  • Maximum amount of cover for each insurance year: €1,500,000.
  • Exemption: Choice of €500, €1,500, or €1,5003.000.
  • Hospitalization: Choice between A' and B'.
  • Fees of doctors (surgeons, anesthetists, etc.): the maximum fees are set based on a table included in the cover conditions.
You have the option to choose between A and B hospitalization at the time of taking out the insurance. However, the plan provides hospitalization options in a higher position than the prescribed or default position at a charge.
Yes, there is a discount on premiums, which is provided by Ethniki Insurance, for family plans, as follows: 20% for the spouse, 30% for the 1st child, 40% for the 2nd child, 50% for the 3rd child, and from the 4th child and above free of charge.
With the care of Ethniki Insurance and in cooperation with the Affidea diagnostic center, you will receive a call to arrange the appointment for the pre-insurance check without any charge. The test results will be sent directly from the Affidea diagnostic center to Ethinki Insurance for evaluation. If further evidence or additional medical examination is required after receipt of the test results or an exclusion designation is required from the results, this will be followed up by Ethniki Insurance until the underwriting process is completed.

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