Investment products

New Generation Investment

Structured Investment Products with a totally or partially guaranteed principal amount at maturity, the performance of which is linked to an underlying performance benchmark.

You can broaden your investment options and achieve diversification of capital, balancing risk and earning returns.

Specifically, depending on the product version,  you can enjoy:

  • Protection of your initial capital, with a total or partial guarantee of (at least 88%) and /or a minimum guaranteed return at maturity of the product.
  • Participation with small amounts.
  • Linking your investment to the Greek and/or international capital market depending on the product issue
  • Transparency and updates on the progress of your investment free of charge via Digital Banking or at any NBG Branch.

In brief:

  • Ability to achieve returns depending on the performance of the underlying asset
  • High principal protection at maturity
  • Limitation of the risk assumed

New Generation Investment in detail

The distribution of the New Generation Investment products is carried out periodically via Internet Banking and NBG branches. For each product issuance, a specific period of distribution is defined.

You are given the opportunity to achieve returns, with a total or partial guarantee at least 88% of the initial capital if the product is held until its maturity date.

The performance of the New Generation Investment products is linked to the performance of the underlying financial instrument (fund of funds, bond, etc.) or stock market or other index or exchange rate between currencies or a combination of all of them. The client may at the maturity date of the product:

  • receive a return that is linked by a certain percentage to the change in the price of the underlying reference asset and up to the maximum allowed return at maturity, if specified in the Structured Investment Product Documents, as per the specific version of the product in question.
  • suffer a loss up to a certain percentage (maximum 12%) of the initial investment capital.

The minimum participation amount and duration are determined per product issue and are stated in the terms and conditions of each issue.

The "New Generation Investment" products are available in euros.

The final return on the initial investment capital is considered interest and is taxed at the applicable rate (currently 15%).

The product is available in more than one version, the features of which can vary significantly. For further information on the features of each version, you can contact the Bank's Branches  so as to be able to choose the product that best meets your needs.

Τhe current versions of New Generation Investment offer total capital guarantee at maturity, and minimum guaranteed return is also provided, if held through to maturity.

Through the Bank's website, you can find out about the regulatory framework MiFID II applicable to the Financial Instruments Markets.

The Bank provides the investment services of receiving/transmitting and/or executing orders for the preparation of transactions in financial instruments/investment products. Investing in financial instruments/investment products involves risks, including the risk of loss of the initial investment capital, of which potential investors will need to be properly informed through the product documentation. The product is made available on the basis of the client's investment profile.

These listings are for information purposes only and do not constitute a suggestion and/or a solicitation and/or a recommendation and/or a recommendation and/or a proposal for an investment strategy and/or advice on the preparation of transactions in financial instruments or research in the field of investments or financial analysis in relation to financial instruments, nor do they constitute an advertising communication. Furthermore, they do not constitute an invitation or proposal to enter into a contract or a suggestion to buy or sell any financial instrument as the Bank exclusively provides the investment services of receiving/transmitting and/or executing orders for the preparation of transactions in financial instruments/investment products. Investing in financial instruments/investment products involves risks, including the risk of loss of the initial investment capital, of which potential investors will need to be properly informed through the product documentation.

For more information about the product, you can contact the Bank's Branches, where our duly certified executives are ready to provide you with all the information you need.

The participation procedure is simple and can be done via Internet banking and through the Bank's Branches.

Visit one of the Bank's branches today or call us at +30 210 48 48 484 from anywhere in Greece or abroad and ask for more information.

You have many options in your information.
In particular, you can be informed about your investments by:

  • A visit to a Shop
  • The quarterly statement of financial instruments, which we send to you via our Bank's Internet Banking, by e-mail, or at our contact address
  • Registration to the Internet and Mobile Banking services
  • The Call Centre by calling +30 210 48 48 484

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Do you have any questions?

For information regarding the commission of the product, please refer to the Bank's posted invoice.

Yes, via Internet Banking or from any of our branches, there is the possibility of early partial prepayment (so that the remaining amount exceeds or equals the minimum investment amount) or full prepayment at any time during the term of the product. However, in this case, the partial or total capital guarantee does not apply. The amount to be paid to you is calculated on the basis of the current valuation of your investment, which, among other things, depends on the current valuation of the underlying performance benchmarks of the product and the time remaining until maturity. For your convenience, there is an indicative redemption table containing relevant examples, which you can search for via the Structured Products | NBG page (
On the maturity date of your investment, the capital, and the returns, if any, are credited to the deposit account you have declared to us in your application for participation in the product, without the need for you to visit a branch.

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    Your ID card or passport must be valid. Tell me more
  • Key customer info forms
    You will need to complete all the forms and questionnaires needed to determine your investment profile and your compatibility with the investment products.

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