Are you a house owner and wish to carry out construction interventions to reduce energy consumption?

In the context of the long-term and practical support of initiatives to improve the environment, we participate in the "Exoikonomo 2021" program. The program is implemented in the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 with funding from the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Here you will find all the support and guidance you need to upgrade your home energy efficiency.

You can also:

  • Choose the housing loan that better suits your needs
  • Receive premium rate
  • Take advantage of our expertise

Find out more today about the features of the new program here.

In brief:

  • Energy class upgrade
  • Grant of up to 75%
EXPRESS Personal Loan

EXPRESS Personal Loan

If you are eligible for the Exoikonomo program, whether using your own funds or by obtaining an Exoikonomo loan through NBG, you can also get an EXPRESS personal loan at favorable terms, by filing an application in person at an NBG branch,for additional financing and to cover other expenses not covered by the Exoikonomo program.  EXPRESS Personal Loan offers a loan amount ranging from €300 to €6,000, a discount of 2 pps on the interest rate applicable, zero loan costs, as well as the option of joining an insurance Payment Protection Program (PPP).  

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Estia - Renovation Repair loan

Estia - Renovation Repair loan

Alternatively, as long as you're eligible for the Exoikonomo program, through NBG you can get Estia  Renovation –repair  loan, at favorable terms, to finance repair and/or renovation works not covered by the Exoikonomo program. Specifically, you can request a loan amount ranging from €3,000 to €20,000, without mortgage prenotation, plus a discount of 1 pps on the interest rate applicable, as well as zero charges for review and approval of the loan request. 

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The "Exoikonomo 2021" program in detail

  • Loan amount: up to €16,800, depending on the incentive category
  • Interest rate: fixed 6.50%, subsidized by 100%, plus the contribution of Law 128/75*
  • Loan duration: 4, 5, or 6 years
  • Advance payment option: 70% of the loan amount
  • Νο real estate mortgage
  • Coverage of the cost of managing the loan file of potential program beneficiaries.
  • For the first category of income criteria, the possibility of a State guarantee is provided, which will cover 100% of the loan amount for owner-occupied residency and 80% for rent/free concession.

*The contribution of Law 128/75, which amounts to 0.12%, is paid by the beneficiary.

To be considered eligible, a dwelling must meet the following general conditions:

  • used as a primary residence
  • exists legally
  • is classified in a category lower than or equal to category C
  • has not been found to be demolishable

Eligible housing is a single-family house, an apartment block, and an individual apartment. The program provides incentives for energy retrofit interventions in aprtment blocks  with individual apartment applications, including shared and non-shared interventions.

Under the program, there are two types of applications:

  1. Application for an Individual Apartment or Single-Family House
  2. Apartment block application, including applications of apartments as part of an apartment block application

Eligible interventions are based on the recommendations of the Energy Inspector during the energy audit process and relate exclusively to the following categories:

  • replacement of frames/shading/ventilation systems
  • installation/upgrade of thermal insulation
  • heating/cooling system upgrade
  • hot water system with the use of Renewable Energy Sources
  • other energy-saving interventions (smart home management systems, upgrading the lighting of common areas of the building)

The maximum cost of interventions for a detached house/individual apartment/individual apartment in a block of flats is €28.000.

Only natural persons are eligible to participate in the "Exoikonomo 2021" program that:

  • have full ownership/usufruct/bare ownership in 2020 & at the time of application to an eligible dwelling 
  • meet the income criteria for the categories listed in the table below:


Personal income (€) Family income (€) Grant rate
Homeownership by the applicant Free Assignment to another
person / Rental
1 ≤ 5.000 ≤ 10.000 75% 65%
2 > 5.000 - 10.000 > 10.000 - 20.000 70% 60%
3 > 10.000 - 20.000 > 20.000 - 30.000 55% 45%
4 > 20.000 - 30.000 > 30.000 - 40.000 45% 40%
5 > 30.000 > 40.000 40% 40%

The Total Declared Income, Exempt, and Self-taxable income and the Added Difference in Object Expenditure of all members of the applicant's family are counted towards the annual individual or family income. These incomes are derived from the Tax Determination Act of the cleared 2021 tax year return.

For apartment block applications, when all of the millimeters of the block participate, an additional grant of +10% is provided on the projected grant rate of each participating apartment.

Applications for participation* in the "Exoikonomo 2021" program and loan applications must be submitted only electronically through the Information System (IS) of the official website of the program [ ].

Please note that the possibility to apply to the program is only available to natural persons who are certified through the TAXISnet application and have access codes to it.

Through the IS, you will be able to:

  • manage your applications
  • post the required supporting documents online
  • be kept informed of the progress of your request, as well as of the actions required on your part and the corresponding deadlines for their processing.

In addition, for the application and project monitoring, you can use a project consultant, whose costs are covered directly by the program after completing the interventions and achieving the energy target.

*The procedure for submitting requests through the Information Systems of the program’s official internet site has now closed.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the "Exoikonomo 2021" Programme:

Get more detailed information from the Program Implementation Guide.

Do you want more information?

With this program, you can upgrade your home energy-wise with:

  • a grant of up to 75% of the final eligible intervention budget,
  • Coverage:
    • the cost of the two energy audits and the registration of the Intervention Proposal and the Intervention Log
    • the fee for the preparation of the Electronic Identity of Building/Permanent Property
    • of the project consultant's fee
    • the fees for any permits/approvals or studies required by the legislation in force for the implementation of interventions
    • the cost of administering the loan file of potential beneficiaries of the program 
  • 100% interest rate subsidy if you receive a loan to cover your private participation.

The minimum energy target requires a mandatory upgrade by at least three (3) energy categories, compared to the A' class's classification, for all types of applications (individual apartments, single-family houses, apartment blocks).

Grant rates refer to the eligible budget for interventions.
For the remaining percentage up to 100% of the eligible intervention budget, a loan with an interest rate subsidy may be granted upon the beneficiary's request.

Each natural person may submit only one application for different eligible dwellings, provided that the total amount of aid does not exceed €80,000 in total for all applications.
Your loan installments are automatically collected from the deposit account you hold with our bank, and you have indicated that you wish to be charged for their collection.
To keep you informed on time, the bank sends you a copy of your account activity every quarter, with information about your loan and the amount of the next monthly installments. Even if it does not reach you for external reasons beyond the bank's control, the installment will be collected as stipulated in your loan agreement. For more information, you can contact  the branch of your choice.

Before you start

Required documentation

To get the loan you want, you need to notify us of your personal details. Depending on your nationality, we will need your ID card, passport, and/or valid foreigner's residence permit.

Income verification

You get a loan with the obligation to repay it. So, we will need your income tax statements for the last three years and documentation certifying your professional status, such as employer's certificate and/or a copy of the latest salary statement and document evidencing your VAT status. If you're a pensioner, you need to submit your latest pension payment slip. You will also need to submit property ownership documentation (ENFIA property tax clearance certificate or a printout of no property ownership status). For a complete list of all the required documentation, click here.

Loan limitations

To get the loan you want, please help us evaluate your application properly. Please answer all our questions accurately and submit all the necessary documentation.

About your loan application

Your first visit

You need to visit one of our branches and submit the necessary documentation and your application to start the process. If your application is preapproved, we will notify you and provide you with the European Standardised Information Sheet – Initial Offer detailing the loan terms. You can provide your email, and we will send you the documents digitally so you won't need to visit the branch.


After preapproval, you need to submit the necessary documents for the legal verification of property titles and technical appraisal of the property. Before the verification procedures take place, all relevant expenses should be paid in full. Click here to learn more about the necessary documentation, depending on the type of property.

Final approval

Once all the verification procedures are concluded, your application gets evaluated, and final approval is given. You will then receive the European Standardised Information Sheet – Binding Offer and set a date for signing the loan contract. Please note that, by law, at least five days must have lapsed from the day all the participants in the loan contract receive the Binding Offer before you can go ahead with signing it.

I’m interested in "Exoikonomo"

You can express your interest through the dedicated form, and soon one of our associates will contact you! Alternatively, for more information on the terms and conditions of the program, you can call 210 690 5200 and contact one of our specialized partners.

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