Cards - FAQs

Find the answers you need about your cards.

For a debit / credit / prepaid card: You can receive information about the documents you have to procure in order for us to validate your details (home address, contact details, etc.) by reading the information document “Have you introduced yourself? If not..., do it now”. Additional documents may be required, depending on your financial/trading profile. 

For the Agrocarta Debit Mastercard: If you are a Basic Financial Support for agricultural activities through OPEKEPE / the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, you must visit an NBG branch to activate the “Financial Support for Farmers” account and submit an application for an overdraft facility.

If your application is approved, you can also request the issuance of the Agrocarta. You can receive information for the required documentation from your NBG branch. 

For a debit / credit / prepaid card: You can apply through the Digital Banking service for debit / credit and prepaid cards. If you are not an Digital Banking user, you can always visit one of NBG’s branches. 

For the Agrocarta Debit Mastercard: Your overdraft facility application must be approved first. If approved, you can visit an NBG branch to submit an application for the issuance of the card. 

 You can activate your card when you make your first transaction at an NBG ATM, by selecting "Card Activation" from the menu. Watch the educational videos for receiving the card’s PIN and for card activation.
You can submit your application by calling at +30 210 48 48 48 4 (every working day from 8:00-16:00) or at any of NGB’s Branches.