By preventing risks threatening your home and your property, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Specifically, you can:

  • Insure your property against fire, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  • Select additional coverages
  • Insure the contents of your home as well
  • Get the insurance by visiting one of NBG’s branches 
  • You can pay via standing order

In brief:

  • 5 different coverage combinations
  • Free 24-hour technical assistance
  • Easy insurance process 

Property Insurance in detail

You can protect your home and its contents whether it is mortgaged or not.

You can choose among 5 packages:

Basic coverage package

  • Home
  • Home and household effects

Full coverage package

  • Home
  • Home and household effects

Separate household effects insurance

 Depending on the package you choose, you will receive coverage against:  Basic   Full  Household effects (1)  
 Fire, Lightning strike, Explosion   √  √ 
 Earthquake (2) √  √  √ 
 Fracture / Breakage of central heating, water, cooling and sewerage tanks/pipes   √  √  √ 
 Terrorist acts  √  √  √ 
 Storm, hurricane, flood     √ 
 Breakage of glass panels, mirrors, doors, windows    √  √ 
 Third party liability   √  √ 
 Hotel expenses    √  √ 
 Theft of household effects, burglary damages, loss of cash and bank cheques due to theft      √ 
 Water pumping costs     √ 
  • Provided that the surface area of the property’s living space does not exceed 180 sq. m.
  • The earthquake coverage is available for buildings constructed after 1960.
  • The Household effects Insurance cost is added to the Home Insurance cost when Home and Household effects Insurance is selected.

To learn more, have a look at the Useful Information section.

The Household effects coverage is available as a stand-alone plan.


The plan has a duration of 1 year and can be automatically renewed for as long as you wish.
You have ample selection with respect to the packages and coverages. This way, you can tailor the cost based on your needs.

The information you need.

In the following documents you will find all the information you may need.


The information above is purely informative and does not replace the pre-contractual information provided under current legislation or the insurance contract and its general and specific terms. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information for the specific product is available at NBG's branch network.

The insurance plans have been set up by Ethniki General Insurance and are distributed by the branch network of National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Aiolou Street, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481.  For more information click here.

The distribution of the insurance plans is only provided by qualified NBG staff certified to provide insurance intermediation services. The Bank is registered with the Special Register of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under Reg. No. 1028 as an insurance agent. The Special Register data are published on the electronic platform "Single Information Point for Active Insurance Intermediaries", where you can verify the registration at the Special Register.

More digital capabilities for you

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Do you want more information?

Yes, you can insure your privately-owned home whether you have bought using a housing loan or not. With property insurance, you can protect your home against fire or earthquake, as well as against many other everyday risks.
You can insure apartments, detached houses, storage rooms, private parking spaces, as well as office and business premises (specific types only). For more information, visit one of our Branches.
You can pay automatically through the deposit account you have with NBG each month. In the event you have issued a housing loan, the insurance cost will follow the scheduled loan installment payments.
Certainly. However, you must note that properties that remain vacant for more than 3 months cannot be insured against theft and damages caused by break-ins with the intent of theft.
Certainly. You do not have to combine the contents insurance with any of the property insurance packages.

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    Your ID card or passport must be valid.
    Tell me more
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate
    The latest Income Tax Slip Clearance Certificate on Taxisnet.
    Tell me more
  • Utility bill
    We will need a recent utility bill (for example electricity, telephone, water).
  • Proof of occupation
    Your employer's certificate and/or copy of your latest salary statement if you’re employed in the private sector. Υour latest pension payment slip if you are a pensioner, and a document evidencing your VAT status if you’re a freelancer/sole proprietor.

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