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Estia Fixed Mortgage Loan


Fixed monthly instalments for the whole term or the first years.

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For a more energy-efficient home.

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ESTIA Renovate Mortgage Loan

ESTIA Renovate

Renovate your home without collateral.

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ESTIA Privilege Mortgage Loan

ESTIA Privileged

Floating interest rate for up to 40 years.

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Mortgage Loan for Other Uses

Property loan for other uses

For professional or other uses.

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Save time and gain speed and security for every transaction.
Mobile App

Mobile App

You can have contactless transactions using only your phone, alerts for every move, control of your cards and more.
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Profile Update

Profile Update

You can update your personal details without needing to visit our NBG branches.
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Digital Banking

Digital Banking

You can transfer money and carry out a host of other transactions from any device you wish.
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The loan amount starts at a minimum of €10,000 and may finance up to 100% of the total cost of your investment - based on the purchase contract - or relevant project.

In order to calculate the maximum you could borrow, we take under consideration parameters like the property value and the monthly repayments you can afford depending on your monthly income and standard expenditures.

You should note that it will be necessary to make a down payment in the event of a home purchase. To get a better idea of the loan amount you can get, you can use our loan calculator to determine the right repayment plan for your circumstances.

You can pay by monthly amortization installments, starting one month after the loan disbursement and payable via the borrower's designated loan-linked Deposit Account with NBG.
The Bank sends you a monthly notification regarding your housing loan, remaining principal, remaining installments, the interest rate on outstanding amounts, etc. Moreover, if you're using NBG Internet Banking, you can register with i-bank statements and receive notifications via email.
Yes, you can make an early or partial repayment at any time without any additional charge.

Depending on the mortgage you choose, the interest rate may be fixed, floating, or a combination of the two. You can read all the information about the interest rate and loan expenses here.

It's helpful to know that the loan rate is customized after reviewing your loan application and taking into account factors like the purpose of the loan, the property value, and your credit score.

You can use our mortgage calculator and calculate the monthly amortization installments that best suit your needs.

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