Do you own your home and wish to carry out construction interventions in order to reduce energy consumption?

Here at NBG we participate in the “Exoikonomo 2023” program, committed to our ongoing effort to protect the environment through a series of relevant programs and initiatives. The program is implemented under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 through the European Union’s – NextGenerationEU funds.

Your home’s energy upgrade starts here! Get the support you need and find out everything you need to know about the energy upgrade of your home, here at NBG.

You can also:

  • Choose a loan under the Program with a 100% subsidy on the interest rate and no fee for the review of your request.
  • Get an EXPRESS personal loan or a RENOVATION REPAIR loan on favourable terms
  • Make the most of participating in the go4more loyalty reward program.

Find out more about the features of the new program here.

In brief:

  • Energy upgrade subsidized up to 75%
  • Loan with 100% subsidy on the interest rate
EXPRESS Personal Loan

EXPRESS Personal Loan

If you're eligible for the Exoikonomo program, whether using your own funds or by obtaining an Exoikonomo loan through NBG, you can also submit an application, exclusively through an NBG Branch, for an EXPRESS personal loan on favourable terms, and get additional financing to cover other expenses not covered by the Exoikonomo program. EXPRESS Personal Loan offers a loan amount ranging from €300 to €6,000, a discount of 2 pps on the applicable interest rate, zero loan costs, as well as the option of joining an insurance Payment Protection Program (PPP).

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Estia - Renovation Repair loan

Estia - Renovation Repair loan

Alternatively, as long as you're eligible for the Exoikonomo program, through NBG you can get an Estia Renovation repair loan, on favourable terms, to finance repair and/or renovation works not covered by the Exoikonomo program. Specifically, you can request a loan amount ranging from €3,000 to €20,000, without a mortgage prenotation, plus a discount of 2 pps on the applicable interest rate and zero charges for review and approval of the loan request.

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“Exoikonomo 2023” in detail

With this program you can upgrade the energy efficiency of your home with:

  1. a grant of up to 75% of the final eligible intervention budget;
  2. coverage of:
  • the cost of the two energy inspections and the registration of the Intervention Proposal and the Recording of Interventions
  • the fee for the preparation of the Building/Divided Property Electronic ID
  • the fee of the Technical advisor
  • the fee for any issuance of permits/approvals or for the preparation of studies required by the applicable legislation for implementing interventions
  • loan file management fees for the prospective beneficiaries of the program
  • Option to obtain a loan to cover your personally funded participation
  • 100% subsidy on the interest rate
  • no fee for the review of your request
  • Greek State guarantee* for the 1st income category

*100% for owner-occupied residency and 80% for rent/free concession.

The beneficiaries of the Program undertake the payment of the remaining amount (personally funded participation) through

A) use of their own funds:
B) a loan
or a combination of the above.

  • Loan amount: up to €13,500
  • Interest rate: fixed 6,50%*. 100% subsidy on the interest rate throughout the loan term
  • Loan term: 4, 5, or 6 years
  • Advance payment: 70% of the loan amount
  • Without mortgage prenotation
  • Coverage of loan file management fees for the prospective beneficiaries of the program.
  • For the first category of income criteria, the option of State guarantee is provided, which will cover the loan amount 100% for cases of owner-occupied residency and 80% for cases of rent/free concession.

* The levy under Law 128/75, which amounts to 0.12%, is added to the interest rate and is incurred by the Beneficiary.

A residential property, to be considered eligible, must

  • be used as the main residence of the beneficiary
  • exist legally
  • have been classified, as per the First Energy Efficiency Certificate, in an energy efficiency category lower than or equal to C
  • have not been deemed subject to demolition

Both detached houses and apartments are eligible residential properties. The eligible interventions arise on the basis of the recommendations of the Energy Inspector during the energy inspection process and concern exclusively the following categories:

  • replacement of window frames/shading/ventilation systems
  • installation/upgrade of thermal insulation
  • heating/cooling system upgrade
  • hot water system using Renewable Energy Sources
  • other energy saving interventions (smart home systems)

The maximum cost of interventions for a detached house / apartment is €22,500.

Only natural persons who have a full, usufruct, or bare ownership right over an eligible residence can participate in the "Exoikonomo 2023" program 
The maximum subsidy rates are determined on the basis of the classification of beneficiaries in income categories and the use of the residence.



Personal income (€) Family income (€) Subsidy rate
 Owner-occupied by the applicant Free concession to other person/Rent
1 ≤ 5.000 ≤ 10.000 75% 65%
2 > 5.000 - 10.000 > 10.000 - 20.000 70% 60%
3 > 10.000 - 20.000 > 20.000 - 30.000 55% 45%
4 > 20.000 - 30.000 > 30.000 - 40.000 45% 40%
5 > 30.000 > 40.000 40% 40%

The annual personal or family income includes the Total Declared Income, the Exempt and Separate Taxable Income as well as the Added Spread in Fair Expenses of all members of the applicant's family. These incomes result from the Tax Clearance Certificate of the cleared tax return for tax year 2021.
The subsidy rates refer to the eligible intervention budget.
For the remaining percentage up to 100% of the eligible intervention budget, there is the option of granting a loan with a subsidy on the interest rate, based on a relevant request by the Beneficiary.


Applications for participation in the "Exoikonomo 2023" program as well as the relevant loan applications are submitted only electronically exclusively through the Information System (IS) of the official website of the program [ ].

Please note that only natural persons who are certified through the TAXISnet application and have access codes to it can apply for the program.

Through the IS, you will be able to:

  • manage your applications
  • upload the required supporting documents electronically
  • be informed about the progress of your application, as well as the required actions on your part and their corresponding deadlines.

In addition, for the submission of the application and the monitoring of the project, you must cooperate with a Technical Advisor, whose fee is covered by the program after the completion of the interventions and the energy efficiency target is met.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the "Exoikonomo 2023" program:

Find out more in the Program guide

Have any questions?

The lowest energy target of an application requires a mandatory upgrade by at least three (3) energy efficiency categories, in relation to the classification in the First Energy Efficiency Certificate (and mandatorily minimum category B ́in the case of complete renovation), in order to ensure energy savings of more than 30%.
Only one application may be submitted by each natural person.
The loan instalments are debited automatically to your deposit account with NBG, which you have designated for the collection of instalments to be made.
To keep you duly updated, the Bank sends you quarterly statements of account, either by ordinary mail or only electronically, provided that you are a registered user of the Bank's Internet Banking Service and of the i-bank statements Service, with information about your loan, as well as the amount of the next monthly instalments. If for any reason beyond the Bank’s control the statement is not delivered to you, the instalment will nevertheless still be due for collection, as required under the loan contract. For more information, you can visit your NBG branch.

Before you start

The required documents

Our first acquaintance is a very important step in the application process. For this, we will need your ID, passport or residence permit.

Proof of your income

Every loan requires repayment. So, along with the other documents, we’ll need a tax clearance certificate from the last year and supporting documentation evidencing your occupation (payslip, evidence of pension payment or VAT Returns/receipts evidencing provision of services).


Get closer to the granting of the loan in just a few steps. Submit the required supporting documentation, and you will soon be granted the loan of the "Exoikonomo 2023" program.

After filing the application

First visit to the Branch

Let’s get to know each other! Start of the loan application process by visiting any NBG branch.

Approval and signature

After the first step has been completed and the loan process has proceeded, come and visit our branch to sign the loan agreement.

i-bank statements

After the loan disbursement, you can sign up for the i-bank statements service and receive alerts regarding the issuance of your loan statements at the email address you've registered with the Bank.

I’m interested in "Exoikonomo 2023"

Express your interest in converting your residence into the "green”, eco-friendly home you want , by filling out the special form. One of our associates will contact you soon and will be at your disposal to assist and guide you. Alternatively, find out about the terms and conditions of the program, by calling +30 210 690 5200 and contacting one of our expert partners.

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