By preventing risks threatening your health and your family, you will one less thing to worry about.   

 Specifically, you can:  

  • Get free diagnostic tests up to €700 or €2,000 depending on the insurance package you choose
  • Get a free checkup annually 
  • Get a covid test at a discounted price 
  • Have supplementary insurance jointly with other bodies 
  • Perform special preventive tests at discounted prices at the Affidea Group Diagnostic Centers. 

In brief:

  • 2 package options 
  • Annual checkup 
  • Diagnostic tests 

Full Prevention in detail

The plan offers a full annual checkup and free preventive tests.

Specifically, the Full Prevention plan offers you:  

  • Significant financial benefit with respect to diagnostic tests. 
  • Supplementary insurance option jointly with other private or public insurance bodies. 
  • Coverage for a broad spectrum of tests at discounted prices through the application of the government price list for medical tests.  
  • Ample selection of medical centers, as 99% of all the Diagnostic Centers in Greece are NBG-contracted. 
  • An exclusive telephone service at 210 90 99 000 where you can call and make appointments, receive information and medical advice. 
  • Free diagnostic tests coverage (within the agreed ceiling) in case of emergency, with access at the entire European network of the Affidea Group and the outpatient clinic of Hygeia Hospital in Albania. Cyprus is excluded from the above agreement, however, you will get a 25% discount. 
  • Discounted prices for Vehicle Insurance plans offered by Ethniki General Insurance.


You can choose between 2 packages.

Package A: 

Free diagnostic tests upon referral note by any doctor of the corresponding specialty and symptomatology up to a value of €2,000 annually, based on the current Government Price List (FEK).
Package B: 

Free diagnostic tests upon referral note by any Network or EOPYY doctor of the corresponding specialty and symptomatology up to a value of €700 annually, based on the Government Price List (FEK) in place at that time. 

Medical tests not included in the FEK (government price list), x-rays and ultrasounds are excluded. In these cases, the charge amounts to 50% of the private price list of the Affidea Group. 

Whichever package you select, you will additionally receive the following:  

  • Free annual checkup, only once a year, in the event that it has not been redeemed by prenatal testing. All prenatal tests are performed at the same time. 
  • Prenatal testing, with a waiting period of 6 months for the first year of the policy and only if the free annual check up option has not been redeemed. 
  • Free Pap smear test & mammogram for women and PSA test for men over 45 years of age. 
  • Performance of a PCR test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a participation of the insured person amounting to €12 and €6 for any subsequent medically necessary retesting. The annual limit charge (ceiling) is set to €80 and €60, respectively. 
  • Special preventive test and service packages at premium prices offered by the Ethniki General Insurance-affiliated Affidea Group Diagnostic Centers. 
The duration is one year and your coverage starts 30 days after the insurance policy effective date.

You can choose between packages. The insurance premium for Package A is €12.85 per month and for Package B is €11.45 per month.

Additional 4,6 € for contract right only in the first installment.

In the following documents you will find all the information you may need.

Our product is addressed to customers who are permanent residents of Greece and wish to obtain primary medical care. The insured person must be older than 30 days and up to 70 years of age.

Important notes:  

The information above is purely informative and does not replace the pre-contractual information provided under current legislation or the insurance contract and its general and specific terms. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information for the specific product is available at NBG's branch network and electronically, in the case of programs available via Internet and/or Mobile Banking.

The insurance plans have been set up by Ethniki General Insurance and are distributed by National Bank of Greece SA, 86 Aiolou Street, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481. For more information click here

The distribution of the insurance plans is only provided by qualified NBG staff certified to provide insurance intermediation services. The Bank is registered with the Special Register of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under Reg. No. 1028 as an insurance agent. The Special Register data are published on the electronic platform "Single Information Point for Active Insurance Intermediaries” (, where you can verify the registration at the Special Register

What supporting documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
    Your ID card or passport must be valid.
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Do you want more information?

In order to use the benefits of the plan, you can call the Ethniki General Insurance call center at 210-9099000. Furthermore, you can receive medical advice, discuss any health issue you may have, make appointments with affiliated doctors and receive information regarding diagnostic centers and doctors in your area 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Yes, you must complete a simple health questionnaire. 
The insurance premium is paid on a monthly basis, by debiting a linked deposit account or credit card (from the 2nd insurance premium onwards) of your choice, as designated on the date you enter the plan.
In order to get tested you have to present a referral note issued by an Affidea network pulmonologist, general practitioner, cardiologist or ENT doctor.

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