The Full [10 Bond Fund] insurance-based investment plan is a solution for those who wish to combine insurance cover with investment. This plan offers an integrated solution for your future, while pursuing attractive returns and flexibility in your choices. Invest in today thinking about tomorrow.

Full [10 Bond Fund] enables you to:

  • Determine the amount of the investment premium:

Free choice of amount, subject to a minimum of €5,000.

  • Be rewarded:

With an additional 1.5% over the value of the investment account in cash, on all contracts valid at the end of the program on maturity of the plan.

  • Assign your investment management:

to NBG Asset Management Luxembourg S.A.

  • Select the payment method on maturity:

Either as a lump sum or as alternative monthly pensions, with free choice of pension option or pension for life with various options.


In brief:

  • Experienced managers
  • Maturity bonus
  • Flexible options
  • 10 year term

The plan in detail

A cutting-edge insurance-based investment product offering a unit-linked lump-sum 10-year payment, created by Ethniki Insurance, available by the Bank and linked to the FIXED RATE SAVINGS BOND U/L 3 Mutual Bond Sub-Fund created and managed by NBG Asset Management Luxembourg S.A. 

Rate the investment in Full [10 Bond Fund] and get a total estimated (non-guaranteed) return of 19%-24%* at the end of the 10-year period.

Benefit also from the maturity bonus, an additional benefit offered on maturity of the plan in addition to the value of the Investment Account, equal to 1.50% over its balance.

Select the payment method of the insurance premium on maturity.

Protect your loved ones with life insurance coverage.

Cover your future needs, such as pension or your children’s education.

* Provided that: (i) no credit event will occur with the default of the obligations of the bond issuers and other securities in the portfolio, and (ii) there is no sharp de-escalation of the yield of the bonds  during the course of the availability period.  
Any forecasts regarding future yields are not a certain indication of such future yields.

NBG Asset Management Luxembourg reserves the right to adjust the range of the yield assessment upwards or downwards during the asset collection period depending on bond market conditions.


You can select the amount to be paid.

Specifically, Full [10 Bond Fund] is a unit-linked insurance-based investment plan, offering one-off premium payment. So you can freely choose the investment premium amount, subject to a minimum of €5,000.


All the information you need.

You can find all the information you need in the following documents:

Key Information Document (KID) on Full [10 Bond Fund]

General information form provided by insurance intermediaries

Pre-Contractual Information leaflet – Full [10 Bond Fund]


Participation in the plan entails exposure to investment risks and should be carried out only if the product is considered appropriate for the customer.   The Company does not provide any guarantee whatsoever regarding the return or retention of the amounts invested in the said Mutual Fund. The investment risk shall be borne exclusively by the Contracting Party.

The said product poses investment risks which may lead to a partial or full capital loss for the customer both if held through to maturity or in the event of early redemption.

In addition, please note that the product is not registered according to the relevant U.S. legislation (U.S. Securities Act 1933) and is not available to individuals and legal persons marked as U.S. Persons.


Have any questions?

You may choose the investment premium at your will, subject to a minimum of €5,000.
You can offer Full [10 Bond Fund] to someone you want to support financially, such as your child, by specifying them as the insuree, from the age of 8, and as beneficiary of the plan’s benefits, while you undertake payment of the premium as the Counterparty.
You can redeem it, in full or in part, after the lapse of 3 months from the date that the contract comes into effect under the respective terms of the plan.

Required documentation

  • Valid Identity Card or Passport.

This document is a marketing communication supplied for information purposes only and is not a substitute for the pre-contractual information required under applicable legislation, or for the insurance policy and the general and special terms thereof. The full pre-contractual and contractual data for this product are available at all National Bank of Greece (NBG) Branches, where our qualified insurance intermediation staff will provide you reliable and detailed information on the plan’s features, types of cover, detailed terms and conditions.

The plan is designed by Ethniki Insurance and sold through National Bank of Greece S.A., Aiolou 86, 10559 Athens, GEMI No. 23790100, Company Reg. No. 311481. Insurance plans are sold only by Bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries. The Bank is registered as an insurance agent with the Special Registry of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under No. 1028. The Special Registry’s data are available through the online platform “Point of Single Contact (ESIP)” of Active Insurance Intermediaries, via which you can verify the registration with the Special Registry. ESIP website:

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