Customer Identification and Verification

Having our customers’ security in mind, as well as our compliance with the current Regulatory/Institutional Framework, we implement due diligence measures, both at the inception and for the duration of our business relationship.
Due diligence measures include, among others, the validation and verification process of our customers’ identity (“Know your customer”), which is the basis for all money laundering and terrorist financing prevention procedures.
In the context of the “Know your customer” procedure we perform the following:

  • Collect data that validate and verify the identity of our customers, based on documents, data or information from reliable and independent sources.
  • Determine and assess our customers’ financial and transaction profile based on their recent financial information.
  • Maintain copies of the relevant documents.
  • Update their validation and verification details, as well the corresponding documents at regular intervals.

For more information on the required documentation for the “Know your customer” procedure, you can visit the “Confirmatory documents for Natural Persons and Have you introduced yourself form” section, if you are a Natural Person and the “Confirmatory documents for Legal Entities” section, if you represent a Legal Entity.

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