Customer Onboarding

Download the Mobile app, subscribe to Digital Banking and open your first account with us online, without visiting a branch.
Customer onboarding

With one application, you get a host of benefits.

Digital Banking

By downloading the Mobile app, you get your codes and you register to Digital Banking, wherever you are.


After that, you can open your first NBG account from your mobile easily, without visiting a branch.


By completing the procedure, you will be able to carry out transactions or pay installments anytime you want.

Download the NBG app now

Go to your phone’s app store and download the app to enjoy a host of online features.

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Get started with NBG in just a few steps

Step 1: Personal details
If you log in using the eGov-KYC service and agree to provide your data, the application will retrieve your personal data registered in eGov-KYC. Alternatively, we will need some of your personal information, such as your contact telephone number and e-mail address.
Step 2: Tax information & address

If you have logged in through the eGov-KYC service, then the application will retrieve your tax information and home address from there. Alternatively, you can upload:

  • Tax Statement or, if you do not have a Tax Statement for the last two years, your Tax Return Certificate
  • If your address is different from the one on the Statement of Account or the Taxpayer's Tax Identification Number (TIN) Issue Certificate, a recent utility bill.
Step 3: Financial profile & occupation
The process is almost complete! Complete your financial/professional profile questionnaire by answering simple questions. If you have logged in through the eGov-KYC service, you will not need to upload any document to confirm your occupation! Otherwise, if you are a student or employee, select your status and upload your student pass or proof of employment.
Step 4: Create a password
All that's left is to create a secure password for Digital Banking. Remember that your username is the e-mail you provided at the beginning of the process.
Step 5: Identification via video call
This step completes your identification through a short video call with a representative. Tip: Be in a quiet area with good lighting and a strong internet connection. Be sure not to wear glasses or anything that hides your face.
Step 6: Sign, and you're done!
Log in to Digital Banking and make your first transaction! Your card will be with you in a few days!

Do you want more information?

It is an easy step by step process: 

  • Download the Mobile Banking app and tap on ’Register now. 
  • Tap on ‘Get i-bank codes’  
  • Confirm the mobile phone number you have given us and enter your email, which will also be your username.  
  • Enter your debit card details. 
  • Create your Mobile Banking password.  

Even more options online

By subscribing, you gain access to products designed to serve your needs.

Account Aggregation

You can now view the activity of all your cards and accounts, even those you have with other Greek banks, in one place.
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Online Insurance

You can insure your vehicle or your cards and personal belongings at Ethniki General Insurance online and enjoy a more carefree life. It’s so simple.
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Time deposit accounts

You can open time deposit accounts easily and quickly from your desktop or your mobile phone.
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go4more reward points

You earn points with every transaction you carry out with the bank, and you redeem them at more than 7.500 partner businesses.
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Athens Stock Exchange shares

You can trade shares at the Athens and Cyprus Stock exchanges from your desktop or your mobile phone.
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Update your documents online

You can update your information online via the eGov-KYC service or by uploading the supporting documents. No problem. So simple.
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