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Digital services

How can I register with the i-bank alerts service? How can I activate the push notifications on my mobile for my card transactions? Why am I not receiving i-bank alerts even though I have registered with the service?

Digital Banking

How can I issue Digital Banking codes?How can I activate the service for receiving OTPs from NBG on my mobile phone? How can I change my password? How can I update my details online? How can I add an account to my profile? Why has my Internet Banking account been locked? I forgot my Digital Banking password. What should I do? I forgot my Digital Banking username. What should I do? Why am I not receiving the OTP on my mobile phone?


How can I apply for a housing loan through the Digital Banking? How can I be included in the Exoikonomo–Autonomo program? How can I monitor the progress of my application for an Express Loan?


What are the required documents when applying for the issuance of a credit / debit / prepaid card / Agrocarta? Can I submit an application for card issuance through Digital Banking services? How can I activate an NBG card? How can I increase the limit of my credit card? How can I benefit from the go4more reward program? I lost my card. What should I do? I blocked my card. What should I do? I forgot my card’s pin. What should I do? How can I temporarily block my card? How can I change the purchase limit of my card? My card has expired. What should I do? My card was held at the ATM. What should I do?


What documentation do I need to open a salary / student / value plus / e-value account? Can I open an account though Digital Banking?How can I find my IBAN? How can I open a bank account for a minor? How can I add / remove a co-beneficiary from my account? What is a dormant account and how can I activate it? What is an inactive account and how can I activate it? How can I transfer an account from one credit institution to another? Why can’t I see the money that was transferred from another bank?


How can I update my details? What are NGB’s bic and swift codes? What’s an IBAN? How can I handle a suspicious transaction? How can I book an appointment at an i-pass branch? How can I set up / cancel a standing order? Can I set up / cancel an NBG standing order via Internet Banking? How can I challenge a transaction? How can I find an old transaction in my account? How can I cancel a transaction via Internet Banking? Why can’t I complete an online transaction?