Using the overdraft facility, you can access the sum you need to cover your needs from your current deposit account.

You can also:  

  • Adjust the overdraft limit and access cash up to €10,000. 
  • Benefit from a privileged floating interest rate. 
  • Withdraw cash or make direct payments from your account.

In brief:

  • Accessing additional cash  
  • Instantly covering unexpected needs 
  • Privileged interest rate 

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Please note that interest is charged on a six-monthly basis, on 31 December and 30 June each year. However, if the six-month interest charged on 31 December and 30 June exceeds your debit limit, the total excess amount must be paid instantly. You can always deposit any amount you wish towards repaying the debit.

If you have a simple deposit account, you can borrow up to €5,000.

If you have a Reward Salary account, you can borrow the equivalent of 5 monthly salaries and up to €10,000.

If you have a Student account, you can borrow up to €10,000.

The Bank sends you a monthly notification regarding your loan, remaining principal, remaining installments, the interest rate on outstanding amounts, etc. Moreover, if you’re using NBG Internet Banking, you can register with i-bank statements and receive notifications via email.

The duration is indefinite, and it’s renewed automatically every year.

The overdraft facility is available at a floating interest rate, subject to a minimum equal to the ECB’s intervention rate. 

If you have a Reward Salary account or a Student account, you can benefit from an even lower interest rate.  

Much more than getting a personal loan

Designed to meet your needs

i-bank statements

i-bank statements

You can register for i-bank statements and get an email informing you every time a loan statement is issued.

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Go For More rewards

For even more rewards, sign up for Go For More and gain even more points when you pay your loan installments in time.

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Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

The NBG Mobile app gives you a host of benefits, from bill payments and shopping to transactions and managing your housing loan. Download the app to your iPhone or Android and simplify your transactions.
Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

Before you start

Required documentation

To get the loan you want, you need to notify us of your personal details. We will need your ID card, passport, and/or valid foreigner’s residence permit, depending on your nationality. If you have a Student account, we also need a document verifying your student status.

Income verification

You get a loan with the obligation to repay it. So, we will need your latest income tax statement and documentation certifying your professional status, such as employer’s certificate and/or a copy of the latest salary statement and document evidencing your VAT status. If you’re a pensioner, you need to submit your latest pension payment slip.

Loan limitations

To get the loan you want, please help us evaluate your application properly. Please answer all our questions accurately and submit all the necessary documentation.

About your loan application

Your first visit

You need to visit one of our branches and submit the necessary documentation and your application to start the process.

Next steps

If your application is approved, you will visit your NBG branch to sign the contract and activate the overdraft limit.

i-bank statements

Once the overdraft limit is activated, you can register for i-bank statements and get an email each time a loan statement is issued.

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