Easy ways to save money daily

Small changes in everyday life for big results in your finances
The amount of money that can be saved on a monthly or yearly basis by tracking daily expenses is quite amazing. Sometimes, saving money can be achieved through minor   revisions made after reassessing habits, organisation and planning. Small changes that do not upset your life’s balance will benefit your personal budget.

Make the most of supermarket offers

Make the most of supermarket offers, especially for essentials that constitute a significant proportion of your monthly budget. Examples include detergents, cleaning products, paper towels and napkins, shampoo and shower gels, all products without expiration dates that can be safely stored away.

Shop in an organised manner

Make lists, noting what you need, products you are out of. Keep your list at a convenient and visible spot in the house for regular updates, throughout the week, of anything you may have forgotten. When the time comes to go to the supermarket, remain disciplined and try to stick to your list.

Save every day. Easily!

Cut down on food delivery

The amount of money spent on meal deliveries in Greece is to be alarming. Keep track of this particular expense over a specific period of time to realize what the cost can amount to. Put simply, the cost of food delivery is significantly higher than the cost of ingredients needed to prepare many more meals at home. 

Prepare coffee at home

If ordering coffee while at the office has become a ritual, calculate its monthly cost. It is much better to buy a thermos you like and use it to store coffee prepared at home before going to work. 

Homemade snacks

Prepare snacks at home that can be made quickly and taken to work easily such as sandwiches or pita wraps. Also, keep nuts and cereal bars stored in a shelf at your office desk or in your bag, a ritual worth adopting, both for your health and pocket. 

Seasonal products

Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, as they are cheaper and more nutritious. Check your local market for the best prices and highest quality.

Online shopping

Many products are available at considerably lower prices online, compared to shop shelves. Identify these and buy them online. Start with smaller orders, and soon you will discover additional benefits of online shopping.

Pay promptly

Paying your credit card installment on time will save you from interest costs, while prompt payment of electricity bills can result in discounts.

Reward program

Use your NBG card for daily transactions to accumulate as many go4more reward points as possible, offering discounts on ensuing purchases to thousands of partnered with the program shops all around Greece.

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