Is your home secure?

Discover significant but also very simple actions for a safe house
Home, our personal space of rest after a hard day at work, is a place where we want to feel safe, relaxed and protected. But is your home as secure as you would like it to be?  

Here are a few tips on keeping your home secure:

Security door

Your old front door may have deteriorated over the years and could end up attracting the attention of would-be thieves. Modern security doors are a significant investment and should undoubtedly be the first step when you decide to enhance the security of your home. 

Alarm system

Even just a simple alarm system is better than not having an alarm system at all at your home. Statistics indicate that alarm systems are a significant deterrent to house theft.

Modern technology

Technology is constantly evolving and the benefits of this progress are also contributing to home security. Intercom systems, videophones, CCTV systems and cell phone-controlled cameras are just some of the tools available to boost the security of your home, without being exorbitantly priced.

Is your Home Safe?


Automated lights, programmed to switch on or off at specific times of the day, or lit whenever needed by motion detectors installed at the entrance of your home, are another form of home protection, in this instance, indirect.

Flood protection

Secure homes are not only protected from possible theft but also safeguarded against extreme weather conditions. The climate has changed and rainfall can be heavy, meaning we must be protected against weather-related threats.   

Check your drainage systems, making sure they are clean so that rain water can flow freely without blockage. If needed, contact your municipality. Also regularly check your balconies or rooftop to ensure that leaves or any other objects are not blocking openings and roof water drain pipes. General home maintenance is an important factor to avoid issues and damages, especially during extreme weather conditions such as storms. Also, inspect your rooftop insulation and for signs of surface deterioration and ensure that your house’s external walls are properly painted. 

Fire protection

Though not commonly installed, smoke detectors can prove to be a very useful investment preventing property damages, even loss of life. Equipping your home with fire extinguishers – at least one - is also important. They need to be inspected at regular intervals. Learn how to use them and, ideally, make sure the entire family is trained to do so. 

Home insurance

Home insurance is a necessary expense, a wise move that protects your most valued possession. Depending on the insurance policy you choose, you can insure your home and belongings against many possibilities and dangers such as theft and fire, flood or earthquake damages. Seek an insurance policy that suits your needs and budget.  

The Full Home Protection package offered by NBG’s Ethniki Hellenic General Insurance, available through the NBG network of branches, is one of the most comprehensive insurance policies available in the market. It offers flexible terms, fully protecting your possessions against natural disasters, accidents and theft.  

Your home, with the valuable moments you spend there, is your sanctuary and it deserves full protection.

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