Mobile Banking - Why put it in your Daily Routine?

Discover the possibilities of having an entire bank in your pocket

When was the last time you went somewhere without your mobile phone? Mobile phones have long become integral to our everyday lives, making the prospect of leaving home without one unimaginable. Personal contacts, professional obligations, entertainment, shopping

and social media are all managed through our mobile phones. More recently, banking has been added to this list.Mobile Banking has progressed considerably and, these days, is so much more than just a safe, digital-era wallet.

Smart management of finances

Mobile banking transactions are automatically categorized, offering instant information on the value and purpose of transactions. Mobile banking enables users to set monthly budgets as well as separate budgets for specific spending, such as shopping or supermarket expenses, for better expense monitoring and budget control. Mobile banking is like having a financial manager by your side to help provide an overall picture of your finances, easily and efficiently.

It’s also possible to set up customized categories for even more efficient monitoring of spending. Custom categorization enables users to easily determine how much money can be spent on various categories such as fixed payments, entertainment, travel, and food. 


Always informed

Mobile banking keeps customers updated 24/7, if online. You are given the choice of receiving notification on your mobile phone for every single debit and credit transaction, including transactions made with bank cards. Also, mobile banking provides updates on your budget’s progress any time you like, as well as monthly spending reports. This offers a sense of security on how you are managing your finances, wherever you may be.

Why to include Mobile Banking in your daily life

Don’t need to go to the bank

Nowadays, just about everything can be conducted online, and, as a matter of fact, even through your mobile phone. Express loans, new accounts, credit, debit or prepaid cards, deposits into term deposit accounts, and insurance policies can all be taken care of without needing to visit a bank branch in person.

You can also update, at any given moment, personal details provided to the bank, such as your telephone number, email, home address and profession, simply by uploading related documents.

Wallet no longer needed

Wallets are no longer necessary as you can make contactless payments using your smartphone or Android device at NFC-enabled POS terminals, with maximum security and no anxiety. Nowadays, your smartphone is all you need to have with you.

Money transfers requiring just a telephone number

All you need to know to send money to a third party - quickly, easily and safely - is the recipient’s mobile phone number.

No bank card concerns

There is no need for alarm if your credit or debit card happens to be lost or stolen. E-banking enables you to temporarily freeze and reactivate any bank card belonging to you, declare bank card loss or theft and then reissue, activate your new cards, change PIN or set card spending limits.

Your mobile phone is all you need for NBG Mobile Banking services, to have a full digital banking experience and make your daily tasks simpler. This is the new era of banking.

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