Regulatory-Legislative Framework

The Bank, aiming to mitigate the risks arising from financial crimes, as well as to protect itself from its services and products being used for ML/TF purposes, complies with the provisions of the national and European supervisory and regulatory framework. The said framework consists in the relevant regulations, laws and decisions issued by the national competent authorities and by the Bank of Greece, as well as in the guidelines and the opinions of the European Supervisory Authorities.

Some of the most important legislative texts pertaining to the combating of money laundering and terrorist financing are, indicatively, the following:

  • L. 4557/2018 (Government Gazette A' 139) - Prevention and suppression of money laundering and terrorist financing (incorporation of Directive 2015/849/EU), as amended and in force,
  • L. 4734/2020 (Government Gazette A' 196) amending L. 4557/2018 on prevention and suppression of money laundering and terrorist financing (incorporation of Directive 2018/843/EU), as in force,
  • L. 4816/2021 (Government Gazette A’ 118/9.7.2018), articles 3 to 11, which amend L.4557/2018 and transpose Directive 2018/1673 (EU) on combating ML/TF (6th Directive) into the national legal system through criminal law,
  • Decision 281/17.3.2009 issued by the Banking and Credit Matters Committee (BCMC), as amended and supplemented by decisions 290/12/11.11.2009 and 300/30/28.07.2010 and in force,
  • Decision 285/6/9.7.2009 issued by BCMC - Indicative typology of unusual or suspicious transactions, as amended by ΠΔΤΕ 2652/29.2.2012 and in force.

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