Transactions - Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you need about your transactions

You can update your details through Digital Banking service, by uploading the relevant documents. You can also update them via and the eGov-KYC service, without needing to upload any documents. If you are not an active Digital Banking user, you can register online and then follow the relevant procedure or visit an NBG branch.
NGB’s BIC/SWIFT codes are: “ETHNGRAA”.
IBAN (pronounced “eyeban”) is derived from the initial letters of the words “International Bank Account Number”) and is a standardized, unique and electronically processable bank account number. For more detailed information, see here.
If you have spotted a suspicious transaction you will have to immediately change your secret password for the Digital Banking services and/or temporarily freeze your cards. You should also contact us by calling at +30 210 77 27 440 (24/7) or by e-mail at [email protected] or by visiting an NBG branch. 

You can schedule your appointment by:

  • Following the link here
  • Logging into Digital Banking if you have access credentials
  • Visiting your collaborating branch

The appointment can be conducted over the phone or at your collaborating branch.