Reasonable living expenses (RLE)

The forbearance solutions are proposed according to the RLEs, as set based on data of the statistical Survey on Family Budgets, carried out annually by the Hellenic Statistical Service.

By way of example, the basic expenses taken into account in the calculation are expenses for food, clothing and footwear, housing-related expenses, travel expenses, costs for car maintenance and repair, etc. Also included are expenses for the use of urban and extra-urban transport services and those related to the repair and maintenance of durable household goods.

In the Standardised Financial Statement (SFS), borrowers should state data regarding such expenses. The data will be reviewed together with other factors, such as the financial status, the current and future repayment capacity, financial behaviour record, and other.

Each household is treated individually, depending on its various needs and composition. 

For more information please see the  Proposal on Reasonable Expenses  and Reasonable Living Expenses issued by the  Special Private Debt Management Secretariat.

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