Fraud attempts on flood victims


To support and protect you, we hereby warn you to beware of systematic attempts that are being made to deceive unsuspecting members of the public, under the pretext of compensation for the disastrous natural phenomena of the last two months. Such attempts are made by phone or via email/SMS and the fraudsters claim to be representatives of institutions or banks, then request, in various ways, the personal information of the person they are contacting.

The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) strongly advises the public to be extremely wary of malicious communications made by third parties under the pretext of providing compensation for damages incurred during the natural disasters of the last two months or paying an emergency allowance (such as Market pass, Fuel pass, Youth pass,  etc.). 

In particular, third parties, pretending to be bank employees, accountants, tax officials, employees of Ministries or representatives of the communicate with unsuspecting citizens and request and/or refer them to websites, which in fact are bogus, in order to steal their bank account and card details. 

We advise you to be extremely suspicious of these communications (telephone, e-mail or sms) and never reveal your personal codes for e-banking or mobile apps or your card details or one-time codes (OTPs).

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