Your dream house and how to get it

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Acquiring your own home is a lifetime goal. An achievable goal, if you look for the right solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

Having your own home is one of the most important milestones in your life. It gives you a cherished sense of security, while creating timeless value. It is an accomplishment that acts as a steppingstone for your next goals, while offering the protection of home ownership against any unexpected future hardships.


Additionally, at a time of continuously increasing home design options, having the opportunity to configure your own space as you wish is key. For instance, in recent years, we see that the natural element, the garden, plants and greenery, play an increasingly vital role in home decoration and atmosphere, even in its interior. Having the flexibility to tailor the space and atmosphere of your home to your needs is an integral part of home ownership. 

Likewise, contemporary home loans need to offer a similar degree of flexibility. At a time of customization, ideal home loans should match your life’s profile, follow your needs and  adjust to your priorities, offering security and a multitude of choices.

The conditions of modern life often lead to a fundamental, but nowadays very common, question:
- "Can we afford to buy our own house or is it preferable to rent"?

The answer to this question is: “Yes, you can buy your own home! But you will likely need some help to do so.” 
When researching the market for a mortgage loan that best suits your needs and capabilities, it is essential to closely examine all obligations and guarantees incorporated into the loan agreement, as well as its degree of future flexibility. 

Start with the basics. How much does the home you want to buy cost? How much available capital do you already have or can secure? Do you prefer a fixed or floating interest rate? And what should the duration of your home loan be? 

If you can provide definite answers to all these questions, then you will have already unlocked some of the most crucial parts of the loan process. But even if, reasonably enough, you cannot give a definite answer to all of them, there are specialized banking advisors to guide you and stay by your side throughout this long, side-by-side journey. 

Whatever you choose, it’s important not to let the obligations of a mortgage loan overburden your daily life. That way, the house, your own home, will become a source of contentment, peace, and security. There are some life decisions and choices of which it’s important to feel proud in the future.

Get informed about the flexible housing solutions offered by NBG and lay solid foundations for your own home.

The House You Dream of and how to Get it

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