How to redecorate your home on a budget

Discover ideas to revive your place with low cost

If a full renovation is not part of your plans, you can nevertheless revitalize your home smartly and economically. With some decor tricks, some smart shopping and simple moves, you can upgrade your space and make it look new.

Calculate the budget you can afford and mobilise your talents if you're good with your hands.



Paint a wall

The cost of repainting and changing the colors of the entire house is clearly high. If, however, you paint only one wall, you will be surprised what a difference it can make. Take the plunge and try it out in your living room or bedroom.

Choose the color you like and select something that ties in with the rest of the decor. Lay out protective drop cloths, pick up a brush or roller, and get started.


Wallpaper is impressive, it adds character to a space and the results usually make a spectacular difference to the space, compared to what it looked like before. You can find many interesting options in the market for an easy, fast and efficient way to add color and style.

Decorate the wall behind your bed, the main wall of the living room or the children's room.


Transform your furniture

If you’re good with your hands and you like to make things, get the necessary materials (protective covers, sandpaper, brushes, paints, etc.) and change the color of your old furniture. You’ll find many DIY videos on the internet with the right ways to go about it, and various ideas.

Home Decoration - How To Renew It Economically?

Change the

Invest in new linen: sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and rejuvenate the look and feel of the bedroom. Throws for the bed, throws for the sofa, curtains, shower curtains and even covers for the sofa and armchairs, if your finances allow it. You can also buy new tablecloths and towels.

All these purchases will help “dress” your home in a new style that gives it a whole new feel.


Change the layout

The most economical change and the simplest solution is to move the furniture around. It is impressive how much the feel of a room can change. The important thing is to create separate points of interest in the same space with small changes ( armchair next to a window or the separation of the living room from the dining room). Even a wall can acquire its own personality with an arrangement of framed posters or when covered with a curtain. 

Freshen a space

One of the strongest trends in decoration in recent years is indoor plants. In addition to freshening the atmosphere of the house, they add a pleasant, fresh touch, and positive energy.

Decorative details

Renew your paintings or posters or add some if you don’t have any. Place decorative pillows on your couch or large pillows on the floor. Buy new decorative items for the coffee table, bedside tables, shelves. Many small details can make a big difference.

Remove things

Sometimes you can make a big change by simply removing objects and furniture that are worn out, or that you have just grown tired of. This will free up space and change the style of the room or the house. 

A few simple moves are enough to transform an area and there are plenty of solutions today to suit every pocket and every style.

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