Savings | The benefits of a children's account

All the reasons to teach your child about saving early

Saving means future. A better future. And this is something that every parent dreams for their child. That is why teaching the value of saving and having a healthy relationship with money is a smart move today, with knock-on benefits for tomorrow. The same is true for a deposit account that is opened now and will meet your child's future needs.

Priorities change when entering parenthood. Everything changes - responsibilities, obligations, everyday life. Ensuring your child’s happiness in the short and long term becomes a constant pursuit. A savings account can, to a great extent, ensure a sense of security and stability in the future, helping children achieve objectives during adulthood.

The art of saving

Introducing a small money box at home is a good way of helping children learn about money and the benefits of saving, from a young age. Putting money aside will teach them how to set goals and achieve them. It is a simple process that helps children become them more responsible, enhances their confidence for the future, and strengthens their will to set increasingly bigger goals. The whole process demonstrates that the ability to save small amounts today promises greater satisfaction in the future.

Stability needs a strategy

Looking back in time, we can all identify numerous unnecessary or mistaken expenses, and, as a result, realize that some of the money spent could have been saved. When we don’t save, we can be left feeling vulnerable, devoid of options. 

By opening a savings account for babies upon birth, or later on, parents are effectively making a strategic move that can deliver solutions in the future. Even the most modest of sums put away every month can eventually accumulate into a sizeable amount capable of supporting choices, decisions, dreams and objectives. This represents quality in life for young adults facing their first challenges or dilemmas with confidence and security.

Savings: The benefits of a children's account

A better future is the best possible present!

Times have changed. Bank accounts offering benefits, interest and security are the money boxes of today. Discover NBG’s specially designed savings programs that support the plans of all parents seeking to secure the best possible conditions in life for their children. These programs help children become acquainted with the concept of a banking association from an early age, helping them adopt principles to save and manage money responsibly – values to last a lifetime.

Because this precisely what saving is all about, a perpetual life lesson.

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