Why should you insure your card and other Items?

Discover the benefits of insuring your personal belongings

There are some items that accompany you in your daily activities, such as cards, cell phones, tablets, wallets and more, and, reasonable enough, in the case of loss or theft, the experience can indeed be an unpleasant one.

These items provide access to money, communication and information on a daily basis, and they constitute modern tools that provide solutions in any situation. This is precisely why their loss or theft can be a source of significant distress. Yet, there are programs available today that can prevent these events from causing such personal loss.

Have you ever considered that there is an option to insure the items you have in your bag?

Why do it?

To feel secure

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, your money is guaranteed. The bank at which you have insured your card will take care to replace lost money, even lost items - if you cooperate with the National Bank!

Also, the refund process is simple. You won’t be lost in bureaucracy, or waste your time with complicated logistics.

Why Should you Insure your Card and other Items?

The cost is minimal

at only 28 euros a year.

Coverage is offered worldwide

The protection is valid even when traveling outside Greece.

In case of theft or loss of insured items, the compensation process is triggered with a simple phone call

The Card insurance program offered by NBG provides insurance coverage in the event of theft or loss of your credit, debit or prepaid card, as well as specific items or money that can be lost or stolen together, which will be refunded to you.

Also covered are withdrawals and charges made up to 48 hours after the loss of your cards and the cost of replacing personal documents (Police ID card, Passport, Driving License, Car Registration License, Residence Permit, Work Permit, Leisure Craft License, Health Card).

What’s more, the program also covers the cost of your wallet, bag, mobile or tablet, all your keys, and so on. 
Find out about the available plans, your options and all the analytics of what this type of insurance coverage includes. 

A seemingly simple choice today may in the future prove to be one of foresight.


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