Easier, hassle-free vacations, with Mobile Banking!

You just need your mobile phone to avoid sudden problems while on holidays

The few days you have available to rest are important and unexpected troubles do not fit in them. But they can happen!

Holidays are all about carefree time, moments of joy and happiness, spending time with family, loved ones, or yourself, removed for a while from the concerns of everyday life. Good food, sleep without an alarm clock, relaxation away from professional commitments, and discovery of new destinations make vacations special. 

So what can go wrong? Almost nothing if you have mobile banking!

Card loss

You don’t need to panic if you have lost your bank card. All you need is your mobile phone to temporarily freeze your card, instantly. If it has been stolen, or lost, you can declare the event through your mobile phone and have a card reissued without any complex procedures. Should you eventually find your card after having forgotten or misplaced it somewhere, you can automatically unfreeze it and continue enjoying your holiday.

Out of cash

If you don’t have your card or you don’t hold cash, you can make payments using your mobile phone which, through mobile banking services, can essentially replace your card for contactless transactions at POS terminals. You can also use your mobile phone to transfer money into the accounts of other people who may be with you.

Mobile Banking - How Does It Make Your Vacation Easier?

Never-ending obligations

You may have taken off on a holiday, but obligations remain, and bills need to be paid. Modern technology enables you to be punctual even while away relaxing, reading a book or chilling at the beach. All you need is your mobile phone. The NBG mobile banking app is constantly updated to include all transactions (such as standing orders, issuing checkbooks, acquiring banking products, etc.), so that you don’t need to visit branches for matters and needs of daily routine. 

Children away on holidays

Mobile banking can come to the rescue should your children, away on holidays without you, end up cash-strapped. All you need for a money transfer is your child’s mobile phone number! Whenever you need it, wherever your children are.

The biggest enemy of a pleasant pause is the anxiety in case something does not go according to plan. Today, technology and digital banking have found the answers so that a vacation really means rest. NBG’s mobile banking services enable you to instantly respond to needs that may arise, any time and wherever you may be.

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