AML/CFT Policy for Cross-Border Correspondent Banking

Our Policy sets the context, the basic principles and the regulations for the protection of NBG and the Group’s companies, in compliance with the current regulatory requirements for the prevention and combating of ML/TF phenomena, upon entering and during the cross-border correspondent relationships with foreign banks.
Main targets of our Policy regarding the cross-border correspondent bank relationship are the following:

  • To establish an adequate, harmonized and effective framework, through which, the principles, the regulations and the standards that govern our cross-border correspondent bank relationship will be set and notified to the Group at the same time. 
  • To ensure our compliance with the requirements of the supervisory authorities with respect to combating ML/TF in the context of our relationships with the correspondent banks. 
  • To prevent the imposition of penalties and criminal and/or administrative sanctions on NBG, due to direct or indirect implication in ML/TF affairs.
  • To recognize and manage effectively the risks that may arise from our cross-border relationship with another credit institution, as well as to take timely and appropriate measures to prevent the use of our services for ML/TF purposes, with the ultimate goal to safeguard our reputation.

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