With the lifestyle service offered by Mastercard through National Bank of Greece cards, you have the ability to engage with your dedicated Lifestyle Consultant at any time to cater to your individual requirements. This grants you the chance to partake in exclusive moments that are enriched with delight and perfectly customized to align with your preferences. 

All you need is either the Gold Mastercard or Black Mastercard credit card, or the Premium Debit Mastercard or Private Debit Mastercard provided by NBG. Registering for the service is a straightforward process outlined below.

Specifically, you can: 

  • Benefit from the expertise of dedicated consultants who will aid in crafting your travel plans and organizing exceptional travel experiences customized to your preferences, both within Greece and internationally.  
  • Harness the capabilities of your personal Lifestyle Consultant, receiving alternative suggestions and exclusive benefits for hotel bookings and other services, including room upgrades and spa visits. 
  • Delight in gastronomic experiences at renowned and award-winning restaurants worldwide.
  • Gain access to esteemed establishments in the realms of entertainment, fashion, and sports, spanning across Greece and beyond.

In brief:

  • Personalized assistance ή Tailored customer service
  • Easy & fast organization of exceptional experiences customized to your personal needs
  • Admission to exclusive and popular events in the entertainment and sports industry 

MC Concierge in a few easy steps:

Contact the service.
You can reach out by calling the dedicated line at 210 48 48 484 of the NBG call center, requesting through the voice portal for the "Mastercard Concierge Service" or by sending an email to [email protected]

If you are a Premium Banking client, you can connect with a Mastercard Concierge representative, via the Premium Line
(210 4848480 and option 2).

If you are a Private Banking client, you can connect with a Mastercard Concierge representative, via the Private Line
(210 3578200 and option 2).
Provide your full name, email address, and the BIN of your card (6-digit). 
Submit your request.
Confirm the essential details of your application and agree to the service's terms. 
The process is finalized
Your Lifestyle Manager will review your request and get in touch with you shortly. The process is now complete.

More information

By enrolling in the service, you can benefit from exclusive privileges that include: 

  • Travel arrangements (such as bookings, activity suggestions, guided tours, and private tours) 
  • Reservation management (offering privileged perks and alternative lodging options) 
  • Restaurant reservations at renowned gastronomic destinations 
  • Tickets for shows, concerts, and the most popular events in Greece and abroad  
To activate the Mastercard Concierge service, you can call the line 210 48 48 484. After requesting the 'Mastercard Concierge service' through the voice portal, the customer support is provided in Greek, Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 18:00, and on all other days and hours the customer support is provided in English.
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