You can shop online or in-person in Greece and abroad quickly, easily, and securely with your internationally recognized Mastercard.

Specifically, you can:

  • Save time with contactless transactions
  • Organize your finances and pay Greek businesses in interest-free installments   
  • Make your online purchases with the Mastercard® Identity CheckTM secure transaction service
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs throughout the world 
  • Make additional transactions like standing orders to businesses and organizations 
  • Earn rewards when you join Go For More 
  • Manage your card online via Internet and Mobile Banking  
  • Reach your tax threshold 
  • Get up to 3 additional family cards for free 
  • Get free travel insurance 
  • Get card and personal belongings insurance  
Mastercard Credit cards

In brief:

  • Online application
  • Secure transactions
  • Flexible repayment
  • Go For More rewards

Annual subscription


Do you want more information?

You can apply to issue up to 3 more cards for free, offering the same benefits to members of your family so that you can all enjoy its advantages.

The bank will determine the credit limit after assessing your credit profile. We will notify you before issuing the card.

You can activate your card when you make your first transaction at an NBG ATM, by selecting "Card Activation" from the menu. For more information, we recommend that you watch the tutorial video we created for you.

You will receive your card by post after a few days. In the letter, you will also find the activation instructions and instructions on how to get your PIN.

Yes, you can manage your card online via Internet Banking and do the following:

  • Manage security 
  • Freeze/unfreeze 
  • Notify the bank about loss/theft  
  • Change auto-renewal 
  • Change payment method (full or partial) 
  • Link payment account  
Go For More

Go For More: earn points, earn euros!

Transactions with your credit card, payment of your bills, insurance of your vehicle, consistent repayment of your loan installments, purchases at the partner businesses with your debit or prepaid card, and much more. These are all ways in which you earn points and redeem them in more than 7,500 partner businesses throughout Greece. This way you pay less or not at all!
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More digital capabilities for you

Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

The NBG Mobile app gives you a host of benefits, from bill payments and shopping to transactions and managing your housing loan. Download the app to your iPhone or Android and simplify your transactions.
Download the NBG Mobile Banking app

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Our highly trained team is waiting to answer any questions you may have, in person or by phone.