The balance transfer program allows you to transfer your credit cards balance, third-party banks, to your NBG credit card and repay it under privileged terms. 

More specifically, you can:

  • Benefit from a fixed transfer rate of 9.90%*, till full repayment of the balance transferred.
  • Manage your finances smartly, by bringing all your debts together in a single bill, having a single due date.
  • Transfer your credit cards balance to your NBG card**, quickly and easily via Internet Banking and via NBG branches.
  • Access the extra benefits offered by the new generation NBG credit cards.



* Example of a Total Annual Percentage Rate (ARP) 9.54% for a nominal interest rate 9.90%, plus 0.6% levy of the L. 128/75, subscription fee of 12€, calculated for transferring a balance of 3,000€, with repayment in 12 monthly installments. It is clarified that the SEPPE mentioned above is mentioned solely for the sake of giving an example and only arises on the condition that the above-mentioned data will be available. Plus, the levy of Law 128/75 (0.6% annually).

**Applicable to all the Silver, Gold, Black, Dual (in case you have activate the credit functionality of the card), Classic Mastercard, Classic Visa, Gold Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, My club Visa Ιaso and Toyota Visa credit cards. 

In brief:

  • Low monthly installment
  • Privileged interest rate
  • A single due date

Do you want more information?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your debit balance from other banks' credit cards, either to an existing NBG credit card or any other card you may choose to acquire. However, said sum should not be higher than your available credit line.
The balance transfer option to NBG credit cards is offered through Internet Banking and through NBG branches.
In order to transfer your balance, you have submit the last two monthly bills of the credit card issued by another bank, whose balance you wish to transfer.
It is not possible to transfer debit balances in between NBG cards (e.g. from an NBG Mastercard to an NBG Visa) or from business cards of other banks.
All NBG credit cards participate in the balance transfer program.

The balance transfer program in a few steps.

Log in at the Internet Banking (Login for individuals) and go at the section “CARDS”.
Choose “Transfer now” at the banner that appears with the details of your card.
Submit your application. Confirm the application’s main details, attach the necessary documents, accept the terms and conditions and submit your application.
The process is completed. Your application is reviewed immediately by the bank and upon its approval your request is completed.

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