New Customer Sign Up

You can sign up as a new customer at NBG without needing to upload any documents, just by drawing your details through e-gov and the KYC service. How? In just a few simple steps.
Step 1: Download the application
You can install the Mobile Banking application from Google play or the App store. Next, simply open the application “Register now!” from the initial screen, then “Become an NBG customer” and finally, “Start Registration”.
Step 2: Enter new access codes
In order to connect to eGov-KYC service, you will need your Taxisnet access credentials. The service will draw your details from, without you needing to upload any confirmatory documents.
Step 3: Check your details
After entering your Taxisnet credentials, you will be transferred to the interface of the service. You can check the details you want to update, and if you wish, you can give your consent to the app for the details NBG will get access to.
Step 4: Check the details
At this point, you will be redirected to the Mobile Banking app and check all the details that have been drawn from e-Gov-KYC. If you find that a certain category of details has not been updated correctly, you can de-select it and continue the confirmation procedure through Mobile Banking, by uploading any required documents.
Step 5: Complete the check
Now you can see the completed data, the drawing of which you have previously agreed to, without you needing to upload any confirmatory documents.
Step 6: Speak with a representative
It’s time to speak to a representative via video call, in order to complete your identity verification procedure. You must show your ID card with printed characters or your Greek, valid passport.
Step 7: Sign the documents
Finally, after the conclusion of the video call, you will sign the agreement papers, by applying the approved digital signature you will receive via SMS.