Data Update - FAQs

You can update or change your personal details without having to upload documents through the online eGov-KYC application. How? In just a few simple steps.

Data update in a few steps

User login

If you are a registered user, go to the Digital Banking home page and select "Settings" - "Show Profile".

You will not need to submit any supporting documents during the process.

Update profile
Next, select Profile Update via the eGov-KYC service.
Acceptance of terms
You are then informed, and you need to accept the terms of service.
Log in to
You will be redirected to the interface where you will need to log in with your TAXISnet passwords to continue.
Choice of category
Once you have been successfully authenticated, you will see the data you can retrieve from eGov-KYC, with the option to select the category or categories of data you wish to update (the data you can update is your VAT number and/or your identity card, income, contact and occupation details).
Providing consent
Then, confirm the accuracy of your data and provide your consent to the eGov-KYC service for the bank to access your data.
Continue the process
In the next step, you return to the Digital Banking environment of NBG to continue with the profile update process.
Enter OTP
Now, confirm your details and enter your OTP to complete the process.
Complete the process
Once the process is complete, the updated details will be displayed in your profile. Now, you can print the transaction receipt.