Car insurance: Why is it important?

The features of a good insurance program and why to get it
For most people, their car is an integral part of everyday life.
It’s a movable property item, and a quite vulnerable one at that since driving entails many unpredictable factors. Car insurance is not just necessary, of course, but also mandatory under law.
Even if you’re a careful driver who strictly observes the Highway Code, that doesn’t mean everyone else does. There are, in fact, many factors that can increase the probability of an accident.

The importance of car insurance

A good car insurance program offers:

  • Car protection 
  • Medical care in case of accident
  • Legal protection, and thus the convenience, of insurance lawyers taking over legal procedures after an accident
  • Protection from uninsured drivers
  • Roadside assistance
  • Compensation, not only in case of a driving accident but also for weather-related damage, theft, vandalism, fire, etc.


Auto insurance: Why is it so important

Car insurance is also your insurance. 

Car insurance is mandatory under law, for your own safety. It is a matter of personal and social responsibility. No registered vehicle bearing a license plate is exempt (unless of course the license plates have been filed) and severe penalties are imposed for violations of the law (revocation of driving license, removal of license plates, fines).

Just think how much it would cost to repair even minor damage if your car had not been insured, and how much it would set you back financially if you damaged someone else’s vehicle.
Moreover, if you need roadside assistance at some point, the amount you will be asked to pay if you do not have insurance will be considerable.

Bearing all this in mind, it’s important to choose the right insurance plan that suits your personal needs.
Not all insurance covers everything, nor are all contracts the same.

Talk to a specialist to help you choose an insurance plan that meets your personal needs and fits your budget.

Ethniki General Insurance offers among the best and most comprehensive programs available, including a series of six insurance plans for cars (private passenger vehicles and motorcycles, offered through NBG’s branch network and online:

  • Classic & Auto Protect Classic: Combine obligatory insurance required by law with selected further coverage necessary for the protection of the vehicle and the driver, such as repair of damage caused by an uninsured vehicle, and insurance premium guarantee. 
  • Extra & Auto Protect Extra: At a small additional cost, these packages offer all the insurance coverage included in the classic packages plus extra protection from the most common risks, such as theft, fire or natural phenomena, including hail storm, plus protection for the driver in the event of personal accident, and legal protection.
  • Privileged & Auto Protect Privileged: Combine a full range of cover for the driver and vehicle, even if you’re responsible for the accident (Comprehensive Insurance).

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