How to choose the right internship

Smart ways to identify the right internship opportunities

The lack of work experience is the biggest challenge that a young person has to face when entering the labour market, strange as this may seem. An internship, with the knowledge and valuable experiences it offers, can be the key component to getting your foot into the door.


It strengthens young employees and offers them valuable knowledge raising their awareness for when the time comes for them to get their first regular job, as they are tested, even for a short time, in a real work environment and, most likely, in the industry of their interest.


But how can you choose the internship that best suits you? Below are some key steps you can take to find the internship that can be the springboard to a successful future career.

Understand your needs and goals

Before you look for a company or Organization to do your internship, make sure you are fully aware of your professional needs and goals. If, for example, you need to focus on a specific area, such as website development, you should make sure that the position offered by an IT company, as impressive as it may sound, actually meets your needs, helping you upgrade your potential and jumpstart your career.

Check out available job positions

There are many sources where one can search for open internship positions, such as:

  • Special offices at Universities: Before each application period, the competent internship search offices operating in academic institutions update their list of collaborating bodies. You can easily be supplied with this list, in order to find out which bodies are looking for people and for which positions, and also ask for guidance regarding the process.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most suitable professional tool for this purpose. By entering the appropriate filters and keywords, the search for internship programs is simplified to a great extent, while valuable insights are provided in real time, such as which skills are in high demand.
  • Large companies: Companies that have internship programs announce internship vacancies at regular intervals through their online channels, such as their official website or Social Media corporate accounts.
  • Your social network: You can also conduct your market research through family, friends and your wider network of acquaintances to discover any vacancies in companies they already work for.   

Find out about the working environment of the companies you are interested in

If you know what you want then your next step is to look for information about the working conditions in the companies you are interested in. On the internet, for example, you can find important information about the job market, which will help you figure out which companies would suit you and whether an internship there would be beneficial for you.

How to choose the right internship

Find out where you stand on financial and insurance issues

Before finalizing your choice, make sure you’ve clarified your employment status, whether schemes such as NSRF are involved and what the company's obligations are in terms of insurance, salary and leave issues.


An internship is sure to give your career the best start possible. So, even if you face difficulties along the way, be sure to focus on the benefits you’ll enjoy on the paths you’re opening up for your future professional steps, such as the experience you’re gaining and the important connections you’re making.

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