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A family's needs seem endless, from the weekly food shopping and paying bills and other fixed expenses, to all kinds of shopping. Meeting such needs in a timely manner is extremely important for all family members who find themselves juggling their finances and seeking clever ways to benefit from the payment tools available for their transactions. Choosing the right card can maximize your benefits.

Card features

There are three types of cards available to family members: credit, debit and prepaid. Their basic features include:


Credit cards: These cards can be used by their holders to carry out several transactions on credit, that is, without the required amount actually being available in their account at the time. At the end of each month, the cost of the transactions carried out is added to the card’s account, which has a specific limit.


Debit cards: These cards are linked to the depositor's account which should have sufficient balance for the corresponding transactions to be completed.


Prepaid cards: These cards are not necessarily linked to a savings account, but just need to be "loaded" with money by their holders to be used for the performance of transactions which, understandably, cannot exceed the available balance on the card.

Which card suits you best

If you want to have greater freedom of movement in your transactions or sometimes have increased and unexpected needs, as a family often does, then a credit card is the right card for you. With a credit card, you can:

  • withdraw money from any ATM
  • make purchases on credit
  • build up a tax threshold
  • benefit from the option of interest-free instalments
  • take advantage of other benefits such as travel insurance and participation in reward programs


NBG offers a new generation of credit cards for every type of consumer. You can get your credit card online, picking the one you want, and enjoy the privileges and benefits it offers, such as free travel insurance, as well as card and personal belongings insurance.  


If however you wish to have direct control over your monthly purchases and expenses, then you can get a debit card which is linked to your bank account and supports its direct debit while enjoying transaction security.


Finally, prepaid cards are ideal if you just want to meet specific needs with specific amounts; if, for example you want to give money to your child or if you choose online purchases and prefer to "load" the exact amount of money that corresponds to the item or service to be purchased.


Regardless of the type of card you use, NBG offers the go4more program, through which you are rewarded both for everyday purchases and for your banking transactions, such as paying your loan instalments or obtaining a deposit package.


Plastic money has largely replaced cash, as it provides convenience, security and immediacy in transactions. It is the best way to manage your purchases intelligently, control your finances, save time with contactless transactions and, of course, feel secure with smart alerts for all activity in your account and card. Discover the options available and make the right choice for you and your family.

There is a right card for every family need

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